Omar Lakhdari Opens The Festivities By Winning 10,500 Euros At The First Barrière Tournament

This year, the first tournament organized by a Parisian club takes place at Barrière, which is located on the Champs-Élysées. At the end of this competition, it is finally Omar Lakhdari who emerges as the winner by pocketing the tidy sum of 10,500 euros.

The first ranking winner

After the establishment of gambling clubs in the capital, the very first poker tournament took place within the establishment of the Barrière group. The winner of this event is Omar Lakhdari, a former regular at the Aviation Club de France. The tournament registered 114 participants, a higher attendance rate than the 104 of the old circle during its weekly format on Wednesday. Omar surpassed his opponents in a game at 560 euros the entry fee including 20,000 chips and 20 minutes of session.

On the occasion of this tournament, many regulars of the gaming hall attended. In the end, 17 survivors shared the jackpot. In the lot, paid places for the winner of the last WiPT Jérémy Routier, Arnaud Peyroles and Sandrine Zeitoun. Over the games, Alexandre Poulain surrendered against Omar Lakhdari who won the five-figure win, for a total amount of 10,500 euros. In third position, we find Michel Leibgorin collecting 6,510 euros followed by Fabrice Bismuth 5,250 euros, Raphaël Tidghi and Claude Benillouche.

Fifth Parisian gaming club open since September 13, that of Barrière remains one of the first to unveil the program of its regular tournaments. On Wednesday evening, the 560 euro tournament ended with the victory of Omar Lakhdari. At the rendezvous, tournaments will be offered during the day and during the week with the famous “Build Your Bankroll” every Monday and Wednesday at 3 pm as well as the “classic” with 200 euros buy-in every Tuesday and Thursday at the same time. hour. In order to meet players’ expectations, variants will also be available including Monday Omaha at 350 euros every Monday at 8 p.m. and Boxing Friday at 450 euros every Friday.