The Ultimate Barbershop Customer Service Experience

Before I get into how to provide the ultimate barbershop customer service experience it is extremely important that you have an excellent understanding of what customer service actually means.  Customer service is a series of events that happen throughout the purchase process to enhance the level of customer satisfaction.

The Ultimate Barbershop Customer Service Experience:

The Ultimate Barbershop Customer Service Experience is providing your customer with first class customer service from the time they walk in the front door of the barbershop until they walk back out of the same door. Everything that happens in between has to be delivered in a memorable way that gives you the best chance to turn the customer into a repeat customer. To get a better understanding of how best to accomplish this difficult task I would like to break the process down into three simple to remember categories: The pre-haircut, the haircut, and the post haircut.

The first 5-6 blogs in The Ultimate Barbershop Customer Service Series will cover what should happen in the pre-haircut portion of your customers visit. By definition the pre-haircut is everything that happens before the customer sits down in your chair. This includes checking in, waiting for a haircut, and being greeted by the barber. It is at this point where a large portion of the customer’s perception of you and your barbershop or the barbershop you work in is being formed.

Stay tuned for Part 1 in this series which covers the Check-In process in great detail……