The Little League Brush Cut

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[adrotate banner=”3″]The brush cut is a haircut name that is used often and for many different haircuts. The haircut demonstrated is the true definition of a brush cut. It is cut to the same length all over with the hair left just a little bit longer in the front to stand up with some light wax. A classic haircut that looks good at any age. We joke around with a lot of the senior clientele that it is probably the same haircut they had in their high school yearbook and it usually is. Very low maintenance but has to be recut every 2-3 weeks.

[highlight]LEARNING OBJECTIVES[/highlight]

  • Identify on of the barbershop classic hairstyles.
  • Understand how to blend short hair into longer bangs to be styled.
  • Understand the benefits of a powerful detachable blade clipper.
  • Understand why the 1/8 inch blade on a detachable blade clipper is best for cutting and blending at the same time.
  • Demonstrate a brush cut.

[highlight]LEARNING OBJECTIVES[/highlight]

  1. Start on the top section. Use the 3 ½ (3/8”) blade on the detachable blade clipper and start in the center about 3 fingers width from the hairline. Clipper all of the hair from that point on the top to below the crown and to the temple area.
  2. Use the 2 (¼”) blade on the detachable blade clipper and start at the side burn area. Clipper the hair in an upward motion blending into the round of the head area where you left off with the 3/8 inch blade.
  3. Start the semi-finish. Use the adjustable clipper in the open position. Use a scooping motion and taper the hair around the outline of the haircut at a 45 degree outline.
  4. On the hairline use the different adjustments to taper the hair to nothing. After using the clipper in the open position close the lever halfway and perform the same motion scooping the blade away from the head about 1/4 inch below where you left off with the longer setting.
  5. Repeat step 4 with the lever all the way closed. Now the taper is complete and when you move on to the finish it will not be necessary to get close to the hairline with the trimmer.
  6. Use the trimmer and complete the finish. Edge off the sideburn area by making a line and then shaving to it. Do not drag the clipper. It will leave razor marks and razor burn.
  7. Finish the outline behind the ears and the back of the neck. Make sure the line is not cut too far in underneath the ears. You do not want to lose the taper created from the semi-finish. Use the trimmer in and upward motion at the hairline to remove the beard or fuzz on the neck. Make sure to stop about ¼ – ½ inch below where you left off with the adjustable clipper in the closed position.
  8. Finish the other sideburn area by repeating step 6.
  9. Blend the front portion of the haircut to the top. Use the 1 ½ (1/8”) inch blade on the detachable blade clipper.  Using the clipper comb take a center section first. Comb the hair back to the previously cut area and use that as your guide. Cut that section with the clipper over comb technique. Make sure to keep the comb parallel to the floor. Remember the 1 ½  blade cuts and blends at the same time which is extremely helpful for fine light colored hair.
  10. Repeat step 9 on the right hand side and then the left hand side. You may need to take 2-3 sections on each side to reach the temple or round of the head area.
  11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 but this time do not over direct the hair back as far. Each time you perform this step it will blend the front to the area you are on. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary until the client is happy with the length in the front.
  12. Shave the neck if the client needs it.
  13. Style the hair with a light wax.
  14. You made need to fine tune the front after you stand up the hair.

[highlight]REVIEW QUESTIONS[/highlight]

  1. What section does the haircut start out in?
  2. What clipper is used for the top section?
  3. What blade length is best for the top section?
  4. What clipper is used for the semi-finish section?
  5. What technique is used to blend the top section into the front/bangs?
  6. What clipper blade is best used for blending the top section into the front/bangs?
  7. Explain why the 1/8 blade is the best blade for blending the top section into the front/bangs?
  8. What type of styling product is best for this haircut?

[highlight]AUTHOR’S COMMENTARY[/highlight]
Take your time and make sure the clipper doesn’t leave any stray hairs. Always remember to keep the comb parallel to the floor when working on the top. This and over directing is what leaves a nice smooth blend in the front and the bangs longer to work with. Always make sure the hair is styled the way the client wears it so you can tell if any minor adjustments are needed. Cut a nice tapered or faded neckline. A square back on this haircut leaves an unnatural look.