Men’s Classic Taper – Part 4

In this 4 part blog series you will learn how to create the men’s classic tapered haircut the easy way. I have been saying throughout my whole career that if you do not put a line in you don’t have to blend it out. Basically, you are cutting out the blending step which causes the most amount of work, stress, and anxiety.

Men’s Classic Taper – Part 4: The Final Touch Up

At this point you will be amazed at how little cutting and blending there is left to do. There are two key points I would like you to take away from this blog series. First, by starting on the top and removing the bulk first you will not lose sight of your cutting blade and the clipper will move through the hair with ease without creating a heavy weight line or line of demarcation, Second, using a detachable blade clipper with the 1 1/2 blade for blending is in my opinion the best tool for touching up the blend. Running the tip of the blade over the comb in the blend area a couple of times will remove any small lines of demarcation you may have left.

I sincerely hope you find these short videos and instructions helpful in creating the perfect blend for your next men’s classic taper.