Barbering Demonstrations at IBS New York

Barbering Demonstration at IBS New York

I had the honor of teaching 2 barbering demonstrations at IBS New York . It was a great experience meeting so many people in my home state. Many of whom I have met through my online subscription, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. I also had the pleasure to see many familiar faces that have attended hands on classes at my barbershops.

The first class I taught was titled “Classic Barbering 101”. See the class description below:

Learn the differences and stunning similarities between classic and modern barbering. Find out how the tools, techniques, and haircuts have changed as well as stayed the same. Watch third generation barber Greg Zorian demonstrate a haircut using techniques and styles from the “good old days” as well as today.  Leave this class with a better understanding of the history of our industry as well as what a barber means to his/her community.

The next class I taught was titled “How To Cut and Style the Perfect Pomp”. See the class description below:

Learn the many barbering techniques necessary to create a perfectly balanced pompadour. Using a mix of scissor over comb, clipper over comb, straight razor sculpting, fading, and blending techniques Greg will walk you through the step by step process to completing this popular haircut. You will also learn the styling techniques and products necessary to make your pompadour stand out in a crowd.

I would highly recommend attending both of the International Beauty Shows held in New York City and Las Vegas. The education department does an outstanding job of hiring the best educators in the hair industry. After sitting in on many of my colleague’s classes including technical, business, and motivational I came away inspired and more motivated than ever to get back to work building my  barbershops, seminar company, and product company.

Learn How To Blend and Style a Low Fade

In the following free barber video tutorial you will learn how to blend and style a low fade.  This traditional version has a longer top with a close low fade. The fade is dropped lower in the back to balance out the longer top to allow more length for the problem cowlick or crown area that stands up easily if cut too short. 

Instructional Step Guide:

  1. Cut the top first. Over direct the front back to the middle of the ear in order to leave it longer. 
  2. Remove the bulk in the parietal area and just above the occipital area in the back. You can use either the clipper over comb or scissor over comb technique. 
  3. Fade with a detachable blade clipper or an adjustable clipper with attachment combs. Use a slow fading motion and blend into the previous cut for a smoother blend.
  4. Create a tapered outline to make the fade stand out. Use an adjustable clipper in the longest blade setting with a scooping motion around the outline of the haircut to fade out.
  5. Repeat the previous step with lever adjusted halfway and then to the shortest setting scooping  the clipper a little bit lower each time to finish the taper.
  6. Use a trimmer to line off the sideburns and the diagonal line behind the ears without cutting into the natural hairline. On the back of the neck use an upward shaving motion without getting too close to the tapered or faded hairline.
  7. When the cut is complete style the hair. Blow dry the hair thoroughly with a vent brush by drying the hair forward, then to the side, and then up and back in the front. This will add volume and create the desired shape.
  8. Apply the Zorian Of New York Shaping Paste to create a matte finish. Start by taking a full fingertip amount of product out of the jar and completely emulsifying into the palms of your hands. Our paste will not clump and spreads very easily like a cream but has a very strong hold that will keep the style all day. Apply to the hair by pushing forward on the top layer first, then to the side, and finally, apply from the front to the back down to the roots.
  9. Use a wide tooth comb to get through the thick matte paste and comb into the desired style.

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Free Barber Class Tutorial

It is our pleasure to release this free barber class tutorial to help teach you the basics of barbering. In this video we share with you all of the barbering techniques you need to be a successful barber as well as 3 different popular hairstyles and how to style them. We also introduce you to our line of  Zorian of New York premium men’s product line to help you offer the very best in men’s retail to your clients and increase your retail profitability in the process.

In this video you will learn the following barbering techniques: scissor over comb, clipper over comb, fading techniques, blending shear over comb, straight razor over comb, straight razor sculpting, and men’s hair styling techniques. You will also learn the correct body position resulting in the correct posture while you are cutting. This is extremely important for a long pain free career. You will also learn the correct holding of all of the tools that contribute to correct hand dexterity leading ensuring you will always be working in the correct position with the best posture.

All of the above is taught throughout the three haircuts that I demonstrate. The first haircut I demonstrate is a Princeton style haircut. This is a buzz cut with just a little hair in front to brush to the side or flip up in the front. The next haircut is a classic side part or modified pompadour with the part shave in with a straight razor. The final cut is a pompadour with faded sides. All of the haircuts are finished with styling techniques instruction using Zorian of New York premium grooming products. All of our products are made in the U.S.A., never tested on animals, are sulfate and paraben free, and infused with all natural ingredients.

If you are interested in having me teach this presentation at your barbershop, salon, or school please contact me at or (518)629-5394 for booking information.

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Ivy League Haircut Style with Matte Pomade

In this  video tutorial learn the ivy league haircut styled with matte pomade:

1. Start by applying a drop Zorian Of New York firm hold gel. Our gel is a specialty blend of gel and pomade that is alcohol free and contains aloe vera to keep your skin and hair moisturized while avoiding flaking.

2. Using a hair dryer dry the hair forward, to the side, and then up in front. This will mold the hair into place.

3. Next, the Zorian of New York Shaping paste which is very easy to work with. It emulsifies like a cream without clumping in your hands or your hair and has a very strong hold. The Zorian of New York shaping paste is also infused with the powerful antioxidant vitamin E which helps to keep your hair and scalp healthy. It also contains rosemary which will keep your hair and scalp moisturized. The matte paste is water soluble and will rinse out easily without any leftover residue.

4. Take a full fingertip portion out of the jar and emulsify in your hands. Rub throughout the hair by pushing it forward first, to the side, and then back getting the product down to the roots for extra hold. Finally use a pick for ease of combing through the thick paste while creating the style desired with extra lift in front. Comb forward, to the side, and then back always following with your opposite hand with product still on it so not only will you have the product applied down to the roots but also over the top.

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Two Day Shaving and Barbering Techniques Seminar

I had the pleasure this past weekend to teach my two day shaving and barbering techniques seminar to the wonderful and talented staff from Cocolo Spa held at the award winning Gregory’s Barbershop in Delmar, New York.

Barber School

Day 1 consisted of straight razor shaving techniques demonstration and hands on training. First, we went over the different types of disposable straight razors on the market covering the features and benefits of each. Next, we worked on how to safely take out and put in razor blades. Following that, we worked on the four different hand positions including: freehand, backhand, reverse freehand, and reverse backhand. Finally, we moved on to shaving. I demonstrated the proper shave beginning with how to prepare the face, shave the face using the 14 strokes with the correct hand positions, and the post shave process. The attendees followed with demonstrating two shaves each on their live models. They did outstanding for their first time shaving and will be offering these service soon at their salon and spa.

On day two we focused on barbering techniques and hands on haircuts on mannequin heads. We first worked on barbering techniques theory which included: correct holding of the barber shears, correct holding of the clippers including underhand and overhand grips, barber shear over fingers, barber shear over comb, clipper over comb, straight razor over comb, straight razor sculpting, thinning shear over fingers, and thinning shear over comb. We incorporated these techniques into four hands on haircuts in which I would demonstrate 1 to 2 steps for each and the attendees would follow up by performing these steps on their mannequins. I find this is the best way to learn instead of me doing the entire haircut and the class trying to remember everything. A great finished haircut comes from attention to detail in each of the steps instead of just concentrating on the finished results. The haircuts the class learned were: a medium length layer cut with a longer disconnected front, a classic side part haircut, a short side part haircut with faded sides, and an ivy league hairstyle with the crown removed and shorter faded sides. These are the four basic haircuts that allowed us to practice all of the above barbering techniques. They are also the haircuts that most of today’s modern hairstyles are built from by combining them together in many different ways.

We had a great two days of education and this seminar is something that Cocolo Spa is looking to build into their education calendar once per year to keep their stylists up to date on barbering and shaving techniques. The Spa is also a proud retailer of Zorian of New York premium grooming products. We used the shave gel and shave lotion which are infused with aloe vera, shae butter, chamomille, and loaded with skin conditioners for the shaving portion of the seminar.  We used the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner as well as all of our water soluble styling products also infused with all natural ingredients for the hair cutting portion of the seminar.

Please contact greg@zorianofnewyork if you are interested in private training or hosting a seminar. You can also visit Zorian Of New York and fill out the wholesale form if you are interested in becoming one of our exclusive retailers.


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