How To Cut In A Side Part

We have just released a new video available to all of our premium members called the Modern Side Part. In this video you will learn how to fade hair correctly as well as how to cut in a side part. How To Cut In A Part

The Modern Side Part hairstyle is a really interesting take on an old classic and is very versatile. The sides are either short or faded really close. The fade can be even all the way around or disconnected on the part side depending on the customers preference. In other words, the hair can be faded all the way up to the part but blended on the opposite side. Finally, the part is cut into the haircut. This is done with the finishing clipper by cutting a thin line along the natural part. Depending on the length on the top the hair can be styled flat to the head or with some height like a Pompadour.

How To Cut In A Side Part:

Greg Zorian’s Classic Side Part Men’s Hair Cutting DVD Now Available

Classic side parts are back in style in a big way. Look no further than movies such as “Gangster Squad” and “The Great Gatsby”. Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling are wearing these hairstyles in their latest films. You are also seeing these styles in the music world as well. Justin Timberlake and Adam Levine are also wearing classic side parts which are barbershop specialties. For a modern twist many customers are adding a fade and cutting the part into the hair cut with a trimmer or straight razor.

This Barber DVD will teach you all of the variations of classic and modern side parts on different hair types. The techniques of focus for these haircuts are scissor over comb, clipper over comb, fading, working with a traveling guide, and over direction to create different shapes. This video is a must for anyone looking to stay on top of what is going on in the men’s hair cutting industry.

Greg Zorian’s Classic Side Part Men’s Hair Cutting DVD Now Available: