Barber Tool Tips: How To Hold Barber Shears

How To Hold Barber ShearsHow To Hold Barber ShearsHow To Hold Barber ShearsIn this new blog series I will be giving you many different tips on barber tools. There is a saying in the trades: : “You are only as good as your tools”. I would like to take that one step further and say that the best tools in the world will not guarantee results, knowing how to use them correctly will.

Barber Tool Tips: How To Hold Barber Shears

Their are three areas that I would like to talk about when it comes to holding your barber shears correctly. The first is hand positioning, the second is body positioning in relation to the head, and the last is your posture.

1. Hand Positioning: Your ring finger should be placed into the barber shear down to just above your second knuckle. Your middle finger and index finger should wrap around the shear applying pressure to secure the shear in your hand. Your thumb should be placed in the shear just above your knuckle and is the only finger that should move when cutting.

2. Body Positioning: You should be standing slightly to the left of your customer with a slight lean away from your customer. This will force your elbow up in the air and support your grip so just your thumb moves. If you stand in front of your work both of your fingers will be moving and the barber shear will not cut properly.

3. Posture: You should be standing without any body lean whatsoever. This will avoid long term back pain or just general fatigue at the end of the day. Make sure your elbow is slightly elevated. This will force you to straighten out your arm and keep your work in front of you. This will in turn force you to stand upright with the correct posture.

It will be very easy to tell if you are not performing the above tasks correctly. You will be feeling extreme fatigue in your lower back at the end of your work day. It may feel awkward at first but if you take a quick peek at yourself in the mirror you will be able to see that you posture is correct. With time and practice this process will become automatic.

7 Steps To A Great Men’s Haircut – Keep Your Haircut Customer Clean

Barbershop Sanitation 7 Steps To A Great Men’s Haircut – Keep Your Haircut Customer Clean: This is the final installment in this blog series but definitely one of the most important and one which will leave a lasting impression.

Before allowing your customer to leave your chair and walk up to the reception desk to pay for their service make sure they are completely cleaned off. While they are still sitting down take a clean towel and wipe off their face one more time. Make sure all shaving cream is off the back of their neck if you include a straight razor neck shave with the haircut. Apply some talc powder to a clean towel and brush off any loose hair clippings from the back of the neck. Last, use a whisk broom to completely brush off the back of the shirt and collar when your customer stands up. One of the most annoying feelings is being itchy the rest of the day after your haircut service from loose hair clippings falling down the back of your customers shirt or sticking to their shirt collar.

All of these little steps featured in this blog series will lead to the ultimate customer service experience and will give you the best chance of gaining and keeping a repeat customer!

How To Cut A Classic Side Part Haircut – The Business Cut

The men’s classic side part haircut is one of the most common and popular haircuts throughout the history of barbering. This is a conservative hairstyle that can be worn by any age group. It works great with a suit and tie in a professional atmosphere. However, in recent years it has become a trendy haircut that you see a lot in main stream media. Most notably, this hairstyle was worn by Justin Timberlake for his performance at the Grammy Awards Show.

How To Cut A Classic Side Part Haircut – The Business Cut