How To Cut A Classic Side Part Haircut – The Business Cut

The men’s classic side part haircut is one of the most common and popular haircuts throughout the history of barbering. This is a conservative hairstyle that can be worn by any age group. It works great with a suit and tie in a professional atmosphere. However, in recent years it has become a trendy haircut that you see a lot in main stream media. Most notably, this hairstyle was worn by Justin Timberlake for his performance at the Grammy Awards Show.

How To Cut A Classic Side Part Haircut – The Business Cut Member Update

The most rewarding  part of my job is getting e-mail updates from members with photos of haircuts and messages of how my education is helping them. We are all in the business to make a living but it is such a good feeling to know you are making a difference in someone’s career and life. Member Update

Keith Dewhurst has been a member of for about 10 months now. He lives in the UK, takes care of his child during the day, and cuts hair in the evening. I first met him when he sent me an e-mail that was about 10 paragraphs long explaining everything he wants to learn and has been struggling with. Since that time we have been corresponding back and forth on some photos of haircuts he has been sending to me. It is obvious the amount of work he has been putting into his education with the attached pictures. When his membership started up he told me he could not do a basic layer cut or perform the scissor over comb technique with any accuracy. The pictures below are of his son. This is one of the most difficult haircuts to give. A young child with a high hairline and cowlick, a low crown, and straight hair.

I am very proud of Keith’s hard work and dedication to furthering his education. I know he will keep it up and accomplish great things!