Hands On Men’s Barbering Education Class With O’Ba Men

O'Ba MenWe had the opportunity recently to put on a hands on men’s barbering education class with O’Ba Men. The line is relatively new and imports many of their natural ingredients that go into their products from Brazil. O’Ba is company that strictly supports the salons and barbershops and does not sell anywhere else. That means your clients will not find these excellent hair care products in drug stores or grocery markets.

The class was attended by numerous salons and we had a great time. We demonstrated the various barbering techniques as well as some of the most popular haircuts. After the demonstration the salons came on stage on groups and worked on live models. It was very impressive how well the staffs from the different salons worked as a team to give some great haircuts. As usual with our classes we teach how to eliminate the blending step from the haircuts which is always the most stressful and hardest part of the haircut. We were also extremely impressed how quickly the attendees picked up the concept of starting at the top first and working down instead of from the bottom up. Our mantra has always been and always will be, “If you don’t put the line in, you don’t have to blend it out!”

We finished up the class with a shaving demonstration using O’Ba’s high quality shaving gel which is in the final stages of development. We covered the 14 strokes of the shave as well as the four different hand positions for holding the straight razor properly. We also demonstrated a shave with a safety razor as well for the states who only allow cosmetologists to shave with that type of razor.

We can’t say enough about the professionalism of the owners of O’Ba Men and their commitment to support salons and barbershops by selling their products exclusively in their places of business as well as providing ongoing educational support as well.

HowToCutHair.tv will be providing more barbering classes in conjunction with O’Ba Men in the future. We will be announcing upcoming class dates and locations as they become available. We look forward to seeing you there and encourage you to give this excellent product line a try in your barbershop or salon.