Men’s Classic Taper – Part 3

In this 4 part blog series you will learn how to create the men’s classic tapered haircut the easy way. I have been saying throughout my whole career that if you do not put a line in you don’t have to blend it out. Basically, you are cutting out the blending step which causes the most amount of work, stress, and anxiety.

Men’s Classic Taper – Part 3 – Cut To The Guide But Do Not Cut Your Guide

When working with your guide you never want to cut into it. You want to cut to the guide and then slowly roll the clipper away from the scalp creating a natural blend without leaving a heavy weight line. This will leave you with minimal if any blending to complete. In other words removing the most difficult step from the haircut.

Stay tuned for the final installment in this series of the Men’s Classic Taper…..