Barber Class in Eastern Pennsylvania

On Monday, January 29th I will be teaching a barber class in eastern Pennsylvania in the Scranton area. The class will consist of a look and learn and hands on portion. You can attend just the look and learn portion or the hands on portion of the class. For more information on pricing and to purchase tickets click here or call (570) 877-7150.

Hands On Class with Carlas

The barber seminar curriculum for the day is as follow:

Morning Session: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

  1. Greg Zorian Introduction
  2. Introduction to men’s haircuts shapes and sections (terminology)
  3. Introduction to the basic men’s haircutting techniques (terminology and demonstration)
    • Scissor Over Fingers
    • Scissor Over Comb
    • Clipper Over Comb
    • Blending
  4. Introduction to advanced haircutting techniques
    1. Texture shear over fingers
    2. Texture shear over comb
    3. Straight razor over comb
    4. Straight razor over fingers
    5. Straight razor sculpting
  5. Demonstration of correct holding of tools, body positioning in relation to the head, and correct posture for cutting
  6. Men’s haircutting demonstration
    1. Pompadour
    2. 1920’s Great Gatsby style side part
    3. Disconnected side part with razor part shaved in
  7. Q&A

Lunch: 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Afternoon Session: 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

  1. Three hands–on haircuts on mannequins focusing on all of the basic men’s haircutting techniques with some advanced techniques mixed in:
    1. Pompadour
    2. 1920’s Great Gatsby style side part
    3. Disconnected side part with razor part shaved in
    4. Learn how to teach your clients to style their hair and increase retail sales in the process
  2. Q&A


Free Barber Class Tutorial

It is our pleasure to release this free barber class tutorial to help teach you the basics of barbering. In this video we share with you all of the barbering techniques you need to be a successful barber as well as 3 different popular hairstyles and how to style them. We also introduce you to our line of  Zorian of New York premium men’s product line to help you offer the very best in men’s retail to your clients and increase your retail profitability in the process.

In this video you will learn the following barbering techniques: scissor over comb, clipper over comb, fading techniques, blending shear over comb, straight razor over comb, straight razor sculpting, and men’s hair styling techniques. You will also learn the correct body position resulting in the correct posture while you are cutting. This is extremely important for a long pain free career. You will also learn the correct holding of all of the tools that contribute to correct hand dexterity leading ensuring you will always be working in the correct position with the best posture.

All of the above is taught throughout the three haircuts that I demonstrate. The first haircut I demonstrate is a Princeton style haircut. This is a buzz cut with just a little hair in front to brush to the side or flip up in the front. The next haircut is a classic side part or modified pompadour with the part shave in with a straight razor. The final cut is a pompadour with faded sides. All of the haircuts are finished with styling techniques instruction using Zorian of New York premium grooming products. All of our products are made in the U.S.A., never tested on animals, are sulfate and paraben free, and infused with all natural ingredients.

If you are interested in having me teach this presentation at your barbershop, salon, or school please contact me at or (518)629-5394 for booking information.

If you are interested in becoming and exclusive retailer of our Zorian Of New York product line contact me at or (518)629-5394. You can also find out more information and fill out our wholesale application at:

Ivy League Haircut Style with Matte Pomade

In this  video tutorial learn the ivy league haircut styled with matte pomade:

1. Start by applying a drop Zorian Of New York firm hold gel. Our gel is a specialty blend of gel and pomade that is alcohol free and contains aloe vera to keep your skin and hair moisturized while avoiding flaking.

2. Using a hair dryer dry the hair forward, to the side, and then up in front. This will mold the hair into place.

3. Next, the Zorian of New York Shaping paste which is very easy to work with. It emulsifies like a cream without clumping in your hands or your hair and has a very strong hold. The Zorian of New York shaping paste is also infused with the powerful antioxidant vitamin E which helps to keep your hair and scalp healthy. It also contains rosemary which will keep your hair and scalp moisturized. The matte paste is water soluble and will rinse out easily without any leftover residue.

4. Take a full fingertip portion out of the jar and emulsify in your hands. Rub throughout the hair by pushing it forward first, to the side, and then back getting the product down to the roots for extra hold. Finally use a pick for ease of combing through the thick paste while creating the style desired with extra lift in front. Comb forward, to the side, and then back always following with your opposite hand with product still on it so not only will you have the product applied down to the roots but also over the top.

Visit: for more information on how to become one of our exclusive retailers.

How To Cut Hair With A Straight Razor

Learning how to cut hair with a straight razor is an excellent and versatile technique to add to your skill set to become a more versatile barber or cosmetologist. This technique is excellent for men’s hair cutting and any female customers with short hairstyles that come into the barbershop. There are many different straight razor hair cutting techniques including straight razor sculpting, straight razor over comb, and straight razor over fingers. The focus of this article will be on straight razor over comb. This techniques is used to add texture, to remove large amounts of weight, and can also be used for light blending.

Straight Razor Over Comb:

To add texture to a haircut use a large comb to control the hair. Angle the comb slightly inward toward the head to pick up the hair instead of pushing the hair. Grip the razor in the palm of your hand so you have a firm grip. Move the razor through the hair with quick strokes about a quarter of the way down the shaft of the hair. Move the comb slowly upward parallel to the side of the head or the top of the head depending on what section you are working on. This will ensure the cut is even and you are not taking chunks out of the haircut.

To remove large amounts of weight which will be similar to deep point cutting repeat all of the above with the exception of digging deeper into the hair. Cut at least halfway down the shaft of the hair. Just keep in mind how thick the hair is to determine how much weight to take out. The faster you move the comb the less weight you will remove. The slower you move the comb the more weight you will remove.

For light blending repeat all of the steps above with the exception of how deep of a cut you will make. Cut on the very ends of the hair. This will give a similar effect to a blending shear but I have found it to be more effective when dealing with men who have problem crowns to deal with. These are the guys that you have to leave the back longer so it does not stick up but you don’t want the haircut to look like a bowl cut.

It is a great idea if you have not used this technique before to practice it on a mannequin first. Try each of the techniques above and see what happens when you move the comb fast vs. slow. Again, make sure to move the razor quickly so you do not pull the hair. When you complete this practice section you should be able to cross check the cut and see the different types of texture each one leaves. This will give you the best idea of when to use which one of the above techniques.

Clipper Cutting Demonstration In Boston

OB'a ClassWe will be at GF Distributors on January 26th giving a clipper cutting demonstration in Boston. If you are looking to learn the latest in clipper cutting techniques, clipper maintenance, and how to achieve today’s most popular hairstyles this class is for you. The hairstyles that will be featured are the pompadour, the side part with a hard part cut in, fades, and more. In addition to the clipper cutting techniques of fading and clipper over comb you will also learn backhand clipper cutting which is a technique that allows you to pick up hair and cut it over your fingers. There will also be scissor cutting and straight razor cutting techniques demonstrated as well such as barber shear over comb, razor sculpting, and razor over comb.

GF Distributors will be featuring the men’s product line O’Ba Men. All attendees of the class will receive free products with their ticket purchase to sample. This line will be an excellent addition to your salon or barbershop.

If you are interested in attending please contact Jackie at: (978) 667-9900

We also need models interested in the hairstyles below. If you would like to be a model for the class please let Jackie know when you purchase your ticket.