The Ivy League Haircut For Children

The Ivy League haircut for children is a great hairstyle for those kids who have a circular growth pattern around their head with the hair in the crown  always wanting to stand up. The idea is that we clipper the crown area  to the same length as the sides and back and blend into the top and front. Especially with a circular growth pattern the hair lays down nicely and combs to the side easily. This style will grow out evenly and is easy for the child or parents to brush in the morning.

The following video tutorial demonstrates how to cut and style this very popular haircut for young boys.

1. Cut over the crown with a number 3 clipper guard or blade.

2. Fade up to the top with the number 3 clipper guard or blade.

3. Finish the sides and the back with a number 2  clipper guard or blade.

4. Outline the haircut by tapering with an adjustable haircut and finish with an outliner.

5. Blend the top with the clipper over comb technique leaving the hair longer towards the front.

6. Use the scissor over comb technique to touch up the front leaving it long enough to comb to the side and flip up in the front if desired.

7. Style with Zorian Of New York grooming cream for a medium hold and medium shine that will last all day. The grooming cream is infused with all natural ingredients of coconut oil and lavender oil to keep the hair and scalp moisturized with a healthy shine. The product will rinse out with ease without any leftover residue.

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The Traditional Boy’s Haircut

Working in the barbershop this past Holiday Season gave me a lot of  great memories to reflect on. So many of the college kids coming home for their haircuts started coming to me when they were 3 or 4 years old. It is hard to believe that much time has gone by. Time has a way of standing still working in the barbershop until you see how much your customers have grown up. The one thing all of these guys coming back have in common is they all started out getting some version of The Traditional Boy’s Haircut.

The next time a little guy sits in your chair make sure to pay attention to him and give him your best. These boys are the future and lifeblood of your barbershop.