Greg Zorian’s Men’s Hair Cutting Academy is Coming to the Hair Design Institute – Manhattan

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Greg Zorian’s Men’s Hair Cutting Academy is Coming to the Hair Design Institute – Manhattan:

I am very excited to be partnering with the Hair Design Institute – Manhattan to present my popular One Day Men’s Hair Cutting Academy on Sunday December 8th. The school is conveniently located only a few blocks from Penn. Station at 500 8th Ave. New York, New York, 10001. The class will be limited to only 30 attendees so act fast and reserve your seat as soon as possible!

The class will be one full day of hands – on men’s hair cutting/barbering education that I will be teaching with some of my best barbers to ensure that everyone gets the special attention they need. I will be covering all types of men’s cuts ranging from long men’s layer cuts to pompadours to fades and flat tops. Become a master of challenging men’s hair cutting techniques such as scissor and clipper over comb. You can view the detailed course outline below the photo gallery.

The class will also include one male manikin  head to work on and a complimentary copy of my Barbering Basics DVD valued at $99.95.

Course Outline:

Morning Session: 10 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

  1. Introduction to men’s haircut shape and sections (terminology)
  2. Introduction to basic men’s haircutting techniques (terminology and demonstration)
    1. Scissor Over Fingers
    2. Scissor Over Comb
    3. Clipper Over Comb
    4. Blade On Skin
    5. Class will demonstrate correct holding of tools, body positioning in relation to the head, and correct posture for cutting
    6. Two hands – on haircuts on mannequins incorporating Scissor Over Fingers, Scissor Over Comb, and Clipper Over Comb.
      1. Long men’s layer cut with disconnected bangs
      2. Pompadour

Lunch: 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Evening Session: 2:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

  1. Three hands – on haircuts on mannequins focusing on all of the basic men’s haircutting techniques:
    1. Professional Business Haircut
    2. Ivy League Haircut
    3. Fade Haircut 

Q&A: 6:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Please contact us at or call me at 518-629-5394 to reserve your seat today!

How To Cut A Fade – Step By Step Fade Haircut Instructions

There are many different variations of fade haircuts. For this blog I am going to focus on how to cut a bald fade and/or skin fade. These haircuts are also sometimes called a high and tight haircut. This is an extremely difficult haircut to do because of the extreme difference in length. There should not be any shadows or lines of demarcation in the haircut. Follow these step by step instructions for how to cut a fade:

1.        Start on the top with the 2 (1/4”) blade on the detachable blade clipper. Start 2-3 fingers from the front hairline and clipper the top down.

2.        Use the 1 ½ (1/8”) blade on detachable blade for the round of the head section.

3.        Use your 1A (1/16”) blade in the detachable blade clipper next. Start on the sides and back section in the temple area first and blend into the 1/8” length around the round of the head.

4.        Use your 1 blade on the detachable blade clipper or the adjustable clipper in the open position and repeat step 3.

5.        Follow up with the 0A or adjustable clipper blade in the halfway closed position finishing up with the 000 or adjustable clipper blade fully closed.

6.        Use a 0000 for the detachable blade clipper next or your trimmer. If you use your trimmer elevate the case away from the scalp slightly to make it a little longer. Repeat with the 00000 or the trimmer in the normal cutting position.

7.        Use a beard trimmer and start just below where you left off with the 00000 blade or trimmer. Shave down with the grain and then shave upward against the grain stopping just below where you started the downward stroke.

8.        Blend the front hairline into the top using the clipper over comb technique. The 1/8” (1 ½) blade on the detachable blade clipper works best because it cuts and blends at the same time.

9.        Use the straight razor to shave around the ears and the hairline. Apply hot lather around the outline of the haircut and begin the shave from the right side burn. Grip the head with the palm of your hand and stretch with your thumb and begin shaving using a freehand stroke.

Video instructions are available here with a  premium membership package: