Cut and Style a Faux Hawk with Pomade Cream

Learn how to cut and style a Faux Hawk with pomade cream. This is a great hairstyle for anyone with hair that grows forward and to the center. This particular model also has an extremely difficult hairline to taper out so a few different barbering techniques are necessary such as clipper over comb and scissor over comb.

Start on the top using the barber shear over comb technique. Slightly round the corners leaving the back long enough to lay down. Use the clipper over comb technique on the sides and back before fading. Fade the 3 ¾ blade down to a 3 ½ blade. Keep the fade below the temples. Use a downward clipper motion on the hairline cutting against the grain. Use the clipper and scissor over comb techniques to complete the tapered neckline. Outline the haircut with a t-outliner without leaving a hard line on the back of the neck by using an upward shaving motion pulling the clipper away before you get to the hairline.

For the style start by applying a drop Zorian Of New York firm hold gel. Our gel is a specialty blend of gel and pomade that is alcohol free and contains aloe vera to keep your skin and hair moisturized while avoiding flaking. Using a hair dryer dry the hair forward, to the center, and then up in front. This will mold the hair into place and give fine hair a thicker and fuller look and feel. Finish the style by applying our Zorian Of New York Grooming Cream. Start by taking a full fingertip amount of product out of the jar and completely emulsifying into the palms of your hands. Our grooming cream will give the hair a medium shine and hold that will keep the style all day. It is infused with coconut and lavender oils which moisturize the hair and scalp and also contain essential vitamins to help to keep your hair healthy and strong.  Apply to the hair by pushing forward on the top layer, then to the center, and finally the front to the back down to the roots. Finish by pushing the hair back down with your hands and up in the front while creating texture with your fingertips. The grooming cream is an extremely versatile product that will not harden up but still give a nice hold. Best of all it will rinse out with ease leaving absolutely no leftover residue.

Barber Tool Tips: How To Hold Barber Shears

How To Hold Barber ShearsHow To Hold Barber ShearsHow To Hold Barber ShearsIn this new blog series I will be giving you many different tips on barber tools. There is a saying in the trades: : “You are only as good as your tools”. I would like to take that one step further and say that the best tools in the world will not guarantee results, knowing how to use them correctly will.

Barber Tool Tips: How To Hold Barber Shears

Their are three areas that I would like to talk about when it comes to holding your barber shears correctly. The first is hand positioning, the second is body positioning in relation to the head, and the last is your posture.

1. Hand Positioning: Your ring finger should be placed into the barber shear down to just above your second knuckle. Your middle finger and index finger should wrap around the shear applying pressure to secure the shear in your hand. Your thumb should be placed in the shear just above your knuckle and is the only finger that should move when cutting.

2. Body Positioning: You should be standing slightly to the left of your customer with a slight lean away from your customer. This will force your elbow up in the air and support your grip so just your thumb moves. If you stand in front of your work both of your fingers will be moving and the barber shear will not cut properly.

3. Posture: You should be standing without any body lean whatsoever. This will avoid long term back pain or just general fatigue at the end of the day. Make sure your elbow is slightly elevated. This will force you to straighten out your arm and keep your work in front of you. This will in turn force you to stand upright with the correct posture.

It will be very easy to tell if you are not performing the above tasks correctly. You will be feeling extreme fatigue in your lower back at the end of your work day. It may feel awkward at first but if you take a quick peek at yourself in the mirror you will be able to see that you posture is correct. With time and practice this process will become automatic.

7 Steps To A Great Men’s Haircut Experience – Step 1

When it comes to men’s hair cutting I have found over the years there are 7 essential steps to delivering a great haircut. My personal feeling with men’s hair cutting is the term haircut experience is over used. As a barber shop owner for two decades with 450,000 customers served per year I have  come up with 7 basic steps to ensure customer satisfaction. Before I get into step 1 of this blog series there a 3 things that are a must no matter what for customer satisfaction:

1. Convenience handshake

2. Affordable Price

3. A Great Haircut

It is that simple. Guys do not need a whole lot of fluff. We want to get in and out with a great haircut, go to a nice place, and be treated well.

7 Steps To A Great Men’s Haircut Experience – Step 1

The Personal Greeting

I include this as part of the haircut because any communication with your customer is just as important as the haircut itself.  When it is the next customers turn for their haircut greet them by name. Everyone likes the sound of their name. Do not call people by any other names such as dude, pal, chief, boss, buddy, etc. It is very unprofessional, impersonal, and inappropriate. Even if they are a friend of yours the other people in the waiting room do not know that. You can never go wrong with a professional greeting such as Mr., Sir, Dr., etc.

Always include a handshake with your greeting. Walk over to where your customer is seated or meet them halfway as they are walking to your barber chair. Introduce yourself or say hello if they are a “regular” with a firm handshake, smile, and eye contact. The eye contact lets them know that you care and are interested in them. They are not just another head through the door. Always be genuine. Every time you say something, back it up with positive body language and facial expressions.

Stay tuned for Step 2…..

How To Build A Profitable Barbershop Clientele – Always Carry Business Cards

How To Build A Profitable Barbershop Clientele – Always Carry Business Cards

This is another simple but important thing do to build your business. In order to build a huge clientele you need to constantly sell and brand yourself as well as your business. Always remember that you are your brand. You never know when or where you will run into a potential customer. They are everywhere. Every time you hand out a business card or tell someone what you do you are building your brand. In other words, whenever someone hears your name or the name of your barbershop their first thought should be a high quality men’s haircut.

The grocery store of all places can be a great place to hand out cards. As I walk you through the grocery store think of all of the people you come in contact with. When I shop I start out in the produce section and there are usually a few men stocking the fruits and vegetables. Then I move on to the bakery followed by the deli. Now, it’s off to the seafood section followed by the butcher’s area. After I do all of this I walk up and down the aisles getting my condiments, beverages, frozen items, and diary. Last, on to the check out and bagging area. By now you should be thinking of the countless people you run into stocking shelves, serving you your baked goods, meats, and seafood, cashing you out, and bagging your groceries. This doesn’t even take into account any chance meetings with any friends or neighbors. Now that you can think of all the different people you run into there is a lot of opportunity here. There are a few ways to go about recommending your services depending on what you are comfortable with. The easiest thing to do is just mention in passing when the grocery store employee is done servicing you that you work at the XYZ barbershop around the corner and hand them a card. If you are comfortable selling yourself a little bit more you can ask them if they are happy where they are currently getting their haircut and see where the conversation takes you.

Restaurants are also a great place to hand out cards. Sit down restaurants are even better because you spend more time with the wait staff and establish a little bit of a relationship throughout the time they are serving you. All of the same ideas as above apply here. You have the opportunity to talk to the bartender while you are waiting, other people in the bar or waiting area, and the wait staff while you are eating. Just mention in passing what you do and hand them a card. You could be slightly more aggressive and use the referral program if you like. Write you name on the card or the name of any female staff member that may send in a male friend or family member.

Church and community functions are even better places to hand out cards and build your clientele. These are the places and events you go to where there are quite a few people that you know personally or recognize from the neighborhood. It can be much easier to communicate and ask for help building your business with people you know and are comfortable talking to. These are great places to build up your confidence for talking to strangers. The key is not to think of them as strangers. Most of the people at the places you go to recognize you and are used to seeing you on a regular basis.

These are just a few ideas for handing out business cards. Be creative and have fun. Building your clientele can and should be very rewarding. One of the best things about our industry is that no one is putting a limit on the amount of money you can make.

How To Cut Short Hair

How to cut short hair is one of the most popular topics in barbering and men’s hair cutting in general. There are many different definitions of short hair. All of your customers will have a different opinion of what short hair means to them. It is your job during the customer consultation to figure out exactly what they want and determine the best barbering techniques to give it to them. For the most part short hair today means fades, tapers, and graduated haircuts. The key for all of these haircuts is to finish with a perfect blend without any line of demarcation visible. This means any haircut ranging from a bald fade to a graduated haircut with a short taper around the outline and plenty of hair on top to style.


Fades: Fades generally range from a 1 blade or shorter with little hair on top. The key is to see a gradual increase in length without any line of demarcation.

Tapers: Tapers a generally more along the lines of a business cut. The guy wearing a suit and tie to work with a side part and a cleanly tapered outline. This is a more professionally finished haircut than a square back. Imagine a 45 degree bevel around the outline of the haircut and a taper on the back of the neck.

Graduated Haircuts: These are the haircuts that have plenty of hair on the top to style with a clean outline. The outline is generally tapered and the hair gradually gets longer toward the top. A great example of this is Pompadours which are popular right now.

Barbering Techniques For Short Haircuts:

Scissor Over Comb: Scissor over comb is the most basic technique for cutting short hair. My education required me to be able to cut all short men’s haircuts with the exception of bald fades with a scissor and comb. In my opinion this is the best way to learn. It gives you and excellent understanding of the fundamentals of barbering before you pick up a clipper.

Clipper Over Comb: Once you are able to master your scissor and comb clipper over comb will be easy. Now that you have an understanding of how to master the different haircut shapes and graduation the clipper is a tool that can make your job easier.

Blade On Skin: Once you master scissor and clipper over comb you can move on to cutting with attachments. The problem with starting to learn with attachments is that they become a crutch and get in the way of  mastering your barber tools and barbering techniques.

Men’s hair cutting and barbering is a lot of fun, creative, and is very rewarding. Take the time to learn correctly. Master the three types of short haircuts as well as the three barbering techniques for short hair and you will be on your way to a long and profitable career.