How To Style a Slicked Back Hair Cut with Pomade

In this video tutorial learn how to style a slicked back hair cut with pomade. This many times is the missing step for most men when styling their hair. To get that just out of the barbershop or salon look the hair needs to be styled correctly and the proper amount of the best type of product used. As a barber for almost 3 decades now I hear many times after finishing with a client the phrase “I will never get my hair to look like this.” My response if you follow my styling instructions it will look the same every time. Just takes a little effort.

How To Style a Slicked Back Hair Cut with Pomade:

1. Towel dry the hair thoroughly to remove the excess water.

2. Use a blow dryer. The brush and the blow dryer must move together to be effective. Using a nozzle will direct the heat for best results.

3. Dry the hair straight back on the top and sides and to the center in the back. Roll the brush on top to get a little bit of lift. The hair will naturally flatten out when applying the product so this will help the to avoid the final style looking to flat.

4. Apply the pomade. In this case we are using our Zorian of New York water soluble pomade. It is important that the hair is completely dry so it will not dilute the product at all and lessen the hold.

5. Use an ample amount of product and apply first with your fingertips on the top and sides to get the hair down to the scalp. Then take the palms of your hands and press down on the sides so it doesn’t look to puffy.

6. Use a comb first to comb the product through the hair. Next, use a vent brush to loosen up the hair but keep the slicked look. The wider the teeth the more it will separate the hair which is a personal preference.



Combover Styled with Pomade

In this barber video tutorial learn  the combover styled with pomade for a high shine and a strong hold that will look natural and last all day.

Start by applying a drop Zorian Of New York firm hold gel. Our gel is a specialty blend of gel and pomade that is alcohol free and contains aloe vera to keep your skin and hair moisturized while avoiding flaking. Using a hair dryer dry the hair forward, to the side, and then up in front. This will mold the difficult straight hair into place before applying our water soluble pomade.

Next, apply the Zorian Of New York classic pomade for a high shine with a firm hold. The benefits of our pomade is it infused with ginseng which helps to keep your hair healthy. It also infused with jojoba seed extract which moisturizes the hair and scalp and gives it a healthy shine. Use a fingertip portion and emulsify completely in your hands. Push forward, to the side, and then back. Lastly, use a pick to comb through the hair easier.

Comb forward, to the side, and then back lifting the front slightly always following with your opposite hand with product still on it so not only will you have the product applied down to the roots but also over the top.

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