Hands-On Barbering Course

Hands-On Barber Course

On Monday, June 13th I will be teaching my most popular Hands-On Barbering Course at the award winning Gregory’s Barbershop in Delmar, New York. In this class you will learn the most important barbering techniques including:

  • Scissor Over Fingers
  • Scissor Over Comb
  • Clipper Over Comb
  • Backhand Clipper Cutting
  • Reverse Fading
  • Working with a Traveling Guide vs. Stationary Guide
  • And much more

We will be also covering all of today popular haircuts including:

  • Side Parts
  • Pompadours
  • Business Cuts
  • Disconnected Haircuts
  • Flat Tops
  • And Styling Techniques

The tuition for the class includes:

  • One full day of hands on education
  • One mannequin head
  • 2 DVDs
  • One tube of gel and one jar of pomade to bring home with you
  • Snacks, water, coffee, and catered lunch

Course Outline:

Morning Session: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

  1. Introduction to men’s haircut shape and sections (terminology)
  2. Introduction to basic men’s haircutting techniques (terminology and demonstration)
    1. Scissor Over Fingers
    2. Scissor Over Comb
    3. Clipper Over Comb
  1. Class will demonstrate correct holding of tools, body positioning in relation to the head, and correct posture for cutting
  2. Two hands–on haircuts on mannequins incorporating Scissor Over Fingers, Scissor Over Comb, and Clipper Over Comb.
    1. Long men’s layer cut with disconnected bangs
    2. Pompadour

Lunch: 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Afternoon Session: 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

  1. Three hands–on haircuts on mannequins focusing on all of the basic men’s haircutting techniques:
    1. Professional Business Haircut
    2. Ivy League Haircut
    3. Flattop with fade
  1. Q&A

Please contact Greg Zorian at greg@howtocuthair.tv or call (518) 629-5394 with any questions, to request payment link, and to make your reservation. Class is limited to only 10 people and always sells out quickly.

Undercut with a Comb Over and Hard Part

Undercut with Hard PartI had the opportunity to give a fun haircut with a twist at a recent class I taught for the O’Ba Men product line. This hairstyle is an undercut with a comb over and a hard part with a bald fade. I know that is a mouthful but it stresses the importance of my teaching methods. You need to be well versed in all of the basic barbering techniques as well as different hairstyles. This particular haircut is a combination of four different hairstyles: Undercut, Side Part, Hard Part shaved in, and a Bald Fade. It also uses the following barbering basic techniques: Scissor over Fingers, Blade on Skin with a detachable blade clipper, finishing clipper, and straight razor.

Undercut with a Comb Over and Hard Part

1. Shampoo and condition the hair so you can control it better. Lightly trim the ends to remove any dead ends with the scissor over fingers technique.

2. Use the blade on skin or fading technique on the sides. Hold the hair out of the way with the comb and start with the quarter inch attachment or blade. Shave up the part and keep it even all of the way around the head. This will leave the hair dark enough that you will see the contrast when you cut in the part.

3. Work down through the 1/8th attachment or blade and then the 1/16th. Fade each shorter blade into the previous blade by using a scooping motion just a little bit lower than the previous one.

4. Use an adjustable clipper in the open position to continue the process. Work the same steps as above moving the lever shorter each time. I usually repeat this step about 3 or 4 times to avoid leaving any lines of demarcation.

5. Repeat step 4 with a powerful trimmer. Lastly, follow up with a foil shaver or electric beard trimmer to complete the fade.

6. Shave in the part with a t-outliner by making a line along the natural part back to the pivot. Touch up the line with a straight razor to make the line more noticeable. Make sure to use a shave oil so the blade does not pull but you can still see the area you are shaving.

7. Use a pomade for a wet look or a dry paste for a dry looking finishing. A brush will give a more textured look or you can use a comb for a more slicked look.

Have fun with this hairstyle and be creative…