Men’s Haircutting Demonstration at The DiGrigoli School of Cosmetology

Recently I had a chance to give a men’s haircutting demonstration at The DiGrigoli School Of Cosmetology. This is one of my favorite schools to visit. The owner Paul DiGrigoli is a nationally renowned motivational speaker and creates a very exciting atmosphere at the school. I had a great time with and awesome group of students. They were very polite and attentive and a few of them made for great hair cut models.

I taught the students about the four basic barbering techniques as well as gave them some advice on the best tools to invest in when they graduate and get their first job in the industry. I demonstrated four very different haircuts for the students. The first haircut was a barbershop regular haircut that focused primarily on the scissor over comb technique. Next up was a side part hairstyle with the part razor cut into the haircut. The third haircut was a graduated hair in which I showed the students how to create a shorter outline faded in to a longer top without creating a weight line or line of demarcation that needed to be blended out. Lastly, I cut a female version of the Pompadour haircut with an undercut.

I had a blast with a great bunch of people and can’t wait to go back in a few months to demonstrate the art of barbering again.

The 1950’s Pompadour Hairstyle

The 1950’s Pompadour Hairstyle defined a decade . This Pompadour hairstyle was made famous by musicians such as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. To be able to provide this haircut properly you need to have an excellent understanding of graduation. In other words, you will be blending a natural hairline to the much longer top that this hairstyle requires without leaving a heavy weight line or line of demarcation. You will also need to be proficient with a vent brush and hairdryer for styling the finish. Most recently the musician Bruno Mars wore a retro 1950’s pompadour to the Grammy Awards.

The 1950’s Pompadour Hairstyle:The 1950's Pompadour Hairstyle

1. Section off the top

2. Use the scissor over comb or clipper over comb technique to create graduation in the sides and back section.

3. Complete the semi-finish by creating a naturally tapered hairline.

4. Cut the top section. Make sure to over direct the bangs to the front or middle of the ear to create a longer front.

5. Style the top by drying the corners up towards the crown and creating as much lift as possible in the front.

This haircut is also part of our popular Modern Barbering Barber DVD set.