Barber Training Seminar At Gregory’s Barbershop

On November 4th, 2013 I held a sold out barber training seminar at Gregory’s Barbershop in Delmar, New York. It was an incredibly educational day with attendees from all over the United States traveling to participate. I had the opportunity to meet some incredibly talented as well as very nice people. I have to say this was one of the most attentive classes that I have taught in my two decades as an educator. I couldn’t even get the class away from their mannequins to take a break and have a power snack.

We covered a tremendous amount of material in one day. Topics ranged from correct posture and body positioning, scissor over comb, clipper over comb, long hair cutting, short hair cutting, to hair fading. Check out some of the pictures from this great day of education. Stay tuned for upcoming dates for more barber classes….

How To Cut Short Hair

How to cut short hair is one of the most popular topics in barbering and men’s hair cutting in general. There are many different definitions of short hair. All of your customers will have a different opinion of what short hair means to them. It is your job during the customer consultation to figure out exactly what they want and determine the best barbering techniques to give it to them. For the most part short hair today means fades, tapers, and graduated haircuts. The key for all of these haircuts is to finish with a perfect blend without any line of demarcation visible. This means any haircut ranging from a bald fade to a graduated haircut with a short taper around the outline and plenty of hair on top to style.


Fades: Fades generally range from a 1 blade or shorter with little hair on top. The key is to see a gradual increase in length without any line of demarcation.

Tapers: Tapers a generally more along the lines of a business cut. The guy wearing a suit and tie to work with a side part and a cleanly tapered outline. This is a more professionally finished haircut than a square back. Imagine a 45 degree bevel around the outline of the haircut and a taper on the back of the neck.

Graduated Haircuts: These are the haircuts that have plenty of hair on the top to style with a clean outline. The outline is generally tapered and the hair gradually gets longer toward the top. A great example of this is Pompadours which are popular right now.

Barbering Techniques For Short Haircuts:

Scissor Over Comb: Scissor over comb is the most basic technique for cutting short hair. My education required me to be able to cut all short men’s haircuts with the exception of bald fades with a scissor and comb. In my opinion this is the best way to learn. It gives you and excellent understanding of the fundamentals of barbering before you pick up a clipper.

Clipper Over Comb: Once you are able to master your scissor and comb clipper over comb will be easy. Now that you have an understanding of how to master the different haircut shapes and graduation the clipper is a tool that can make your job easier.

Blade On Skin: Once you master scissor and clipper over comb you can move on to cutting with attachments. The problem with starting to learn with attachments is that they become a crutch and get in the way of  mastering your barber tools and barbering techniques.

Men’s hair cutting and barbering is a lot of fun, creative, and is very rewarding. Take the time to learn correctly. Master the three types of short haircuts as well as the three barbering techniques for short hair and you will be on your way to a long and profitable career.