Clipper Care

Andis ClippersClipper Care is one of the most important yet overlooked procedures when it comes to barbering tools. It is extremely important to have the best clippers and to take proper care of them to ensure consistent haircuts as well as extending their life. I strongly recommend that you own and use three types of clippers on all of your men’s cuts: a detachable blade clipper, an adjustable clipper, and a trimmer. By having these three clippers you will also extend their life buy not using an under powered clipper for certain steps causing it to break down prematurely. Each clipper has it’s purpose and specific uses.

The correct clipper care steps are as follows:

1. After each use brush the hair off of your clippers or clipper blade before hanging it back up or putting the blade back in its case. I like for my customers to see this so they know that I will be using a clean blade on the next customer which means I used a clean blade on them. My favorite clipper brush is a soft bristled clipper brush made by Andis.

2. After brushing your clipper off use the high power Andis Dry Care which will blow off any excess hair stuck on the blades or in between them.

3. When starting a haircut spray your clipper blade with Andis Cool Care. Spray while the clipper is running on the front and back of the blade running the spray back and forth twice. Make sure your customer sees this but also be careful to spray in the opposite direction. The Cool Care spray is a coolant, disinfectant, lubricant, cleaner, and prevents rust all in one. When finished gently wipe off the blade with a soft towel.

4. After using the clipper spray you need to oil your clippers. Place one drop of oil on each part of the blade where you see the metal touching and put two drops across the cutting blade. Turn the clippers on so the oil is distributed evenly throuhout the blade. Avoid over oiling or getting the oil into the motor which will clog it up and slow down or do damage to the motor.

5. At the end of the day use blade care to give your clippers a thorough cleaning. This will get all of the hair out from in between your blades which can slow them down and if wet cause your clippers to rust. Empty just enough of the blade care into a bowl so you can immerse just the tips of the blade into the solution. Turn the clipper on for about 10 seconds and then let all of the excess hair drip out. This solution is a coolant, will prevent rust, deodorizer, decontaminate, lubricant, and cleaner.

Like anything else once you get in the habit of the above clipper care steps you they will become second nature and a part of your day. Your clippers will last longer and cut better resulting in better and consistent haircuts.

How To Cut Men’s Hair – Clipper Over Comb

When learning how to cut men’s hair, clipper over comb is one of the most basic and fundamental techniques necessary for consistently blended men’s haircuts. The clipper over comb technique is excellent for removing large amounts of thick hair. You will also be able to achieve a different finish on the hair depending on what size blade and/or clipper you use. It is also easier on your hands on days when you will be doing 15 or more haircuts. The length of hair and area of the head you are working on will determine which clipper and comb to use.

How To Cut Men’s Hair – Clipper Over Comb Guide:

  1. A large clipper comb or flat top comb should be used for the top and the sides and back sections. It is excellent for controlling large amounts of thick hair. It moves through the hair with ease because the teeth are wide and these clipper combs are thicker and heavier than most others. This comb should  be used in combination with a large detachable blade clipper. The most powerful of clippers is needed for removing large amounts of thick hair.
  2. A smaller clipper comb can also be used for  in the top area when blending in a short haircut where the crown is cut off such as a princeton or a flat top. This comb is excellent for blending because the teeth are closer together and it is thinner which allows for picking up the hair closer to the scalp. This comb can be used with the detachable blade clipper for blending fades to the top section and for fine hair worn in a short to medium length. It can also be used with the adjustable clipper in the semi-finish area.
  3. A finishing comb shoud only be used for the semi-finish and  finish areas of a man’s haircut. This comb is excellent for the finishing steps because the comb itself is flat without any grooves which allows for the clipper to move across very smoothly. It is also flexible unlike the larger combs which allows for it to bend easier around the ears. This comb can be used with the adjustable clipper for the semi-finish area.
  4. A trimmer should never be used with the clipper over comb techniques. It is not powerful enough and will shorten the life of your clipper. Also, the blade has a very close cut which will result in clipper marks. The object of clipper cutting is to leave a soft blended finish on a man’s haircut.

For multiple video demonstrations on clipper over comb haircuts visit and select any of the men’s haiructting videos.

Clipper Maintenance

Clipper Maintenance

You are only as good as your tools so it is extremely important to have the best. As stated in previous blogs we recommend you have three clippers to complete your barbering kit: A detachable blade clipper, an adjustable clipper, and a trimmer. It is equally important to take care of your clippers. There is a four step process required for optimal clipper maintenance :

  1. Use a clipper brush to gently brush of your clipper blades in between every use. This will keep off any wet hair which can cause the blade to rust. It will also avoid getting the previous clients hair on the next client. Lastly, removing the excess hair will keep the blade moving back and forth at maximum speed and efficiency.
  2. Spray Andis Cool Lube or Oster Blade Wash on the clippers after brushing them off. Point the can away from you and spray the clipper blade while it is running. This will kill any germs or viruses and keep the blade clean.
  3. Lubricate the blades. Use a high quality Oster, Andis, or Wahl clipper oil. Place one drop of oil on the clipper blade wherever you see metal rubbing against metal. This will allow the blade to run smother and extend the life of the motor.
  4. Bladewash your blades at the end of the work day. While the clipper is running dip just the blade in the solution for 10 seconds. Lift it out of the solution and let the loose hair drip out of the blades and dry them off. All of that loose hair keeps the blade from running at optimum speed. This will also kill any germs or viruses.

The proper clipper maintenance on a daily basis will keep them in excellent working condition for a much longer period of time..