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All American Barbering DVD Complete SetThis Valentine’s Day weekend give yourself the gift of men’s haircutting education. We have just added a brand new free membership  area where you will have access to over 3 hours of barber video instruction as well as be able to download two short e-books: “The Clipper Guide”, and “The How To Fade Hair Guide”.

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With both options you will learn the secret to the perfectly blended haircut. “If you don’t make a line of demarcation you won’t have to blend it out.” This is the most important technique you can learn in barbering/men’s haircutting to improve your results and efficiency!

We wish everyone a safe and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Greg Zorian’s Classic Side Part Men’s Hair Cutting DVD Now Available

Classic side parts are back in style in a big way. Look no further than movies such as “Gangster Squad” and “The Great Gatsby”. Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling are wearing these hairstyles in their latest films. You are also seeing these styles in the music world as well. Justin Timberlake and Adam Levine are also wearing classic side parts which are barbershop specialties. For a modern twist many customers are adding a fade and cutting the part into the hair cut with a trimmer or straight razor.

This Barber DVD will teach you all of the variations of classic and modern side parts on different hair types. The techniques of focus for these haircuts are scissor over comb, clipper over comb, fading, working with a traveling guide, and over direction to create different shapes. This video is a must for anyone looking to stay on top of what is going on in the men’s hair cutting industry.

Greg Zorian’s Classic Side Part Men’s Hair Cutting DVD Now Available:

How To Cut A Classic Side Part Haircut – The Business Cut

The men’s classic side part haircut is one of the most common and popular haircuts throughout the history of barbering. This is a conservative hairstyle that can be worn by any age group. It works great with a suit and tie in a professional atmosphere. However, in recent years it has become a trendy haircut that you see a lot in main stream media. Most notably, this hairstyle was worn by Justin Timberlake for his performance at the Grammy Awards Show.

How To Cut A Classic Side Part Haircut – The Business Cut

How To Cut Short Hair

How to cut short hair is one of the most popular topics in barbering and men’s hair cutting in general. There are many different definitions of short hair. All of your customers will have a different opinion of what short hair means to them. It is your job during the customer consultation to figure out exactly what they want and determine the best barbering techniques to give it to them. For the most part short hair today means fades, tapers, and graduated haircuts. The key for all of these haircuts is to finish with a perfect blend without any line of demarcation visible. This means any haircut ranging from a bald fade to a graduated haircut with a short taper around the outline and plenty of hair on top to style.


Fades: Fades generally range from a 1 blade or shorter with little hair on top. The key is to see a gradual increase in length without any line of demarcation.

Tapers: Tapers a generally more along the lines of a business cut. The guy wearing a suit and tie to work with a side part and a cleanly tapered outline. This is a more professionally finished haircut than a square back. Imagine a 45 degree bevel around the outline of the haircut and a taper on the back of the neck.

Graduated Haircuts: These are the haircuts that have plenty of hair on the top to style with a clean outline. The outline is generally tapered and the hair gradually gets longer toward the top. A great example of this is Pompadours which are popular right now.

Barbering Techniques For Short Haircuts:

Scissor Over Comb: Scissor over comb is the most basic technique for cutting short hair. My education required me to be able to cut all short men’s haircuts with the exception of bald fades with a scissor and comb. In my opinion this is the best way to learn. It gives you and excellent understanding of the fundamentals of barbering before you pick up a clipper.

Clipper Over Comb: Once you are able to master your scissor and comb clipper over comb will be easy. Now that you have an understanding of how to master the different haircut shapes and graduation the clipper is a tool that can make your job easier.

Blade On Skin: Once you master scissor and clipper over comb you can move on to cutting with attachments. The problem with starting to learn with attachments is that they become a crutch and get in the way of  mastering your barber tools and barbering techniques.

Men’s hair cutting and barbering is a lot of fun, creative, and is very rewarding. Take the time to learn correctly. Master the three types of short haircuts as well as the three barbering techniques for short hair and you will be on your way to a long and profitable career.

Barber DVD’s

I just released two brand new Barber DVD’s that are a great way for beginners as well as seasoned barbers and hairstylists to take their men’s hair cutting techniques and skills to the next level.

Barbering Basics DVD
Barbering Basics DVD

The first Barber DVD is titled Barbering Basics. This barber video covers in detail the tools necessary for a building the proper foundation for a career in barbering. You will learn about the different types of barber shears and thinning shears including the best sizes to use and how to maintain them. Then you will get a complete clipper training. Learn the advantages of using three different clippers and the best uses for each. Then I move on to compare the difference between metal clipper blades and plastic clipper attachments. Each one has it’s uses and benefits. After you gain the proper education of  the barber tools it’s time to move on the the haircuts. This barber DVD contains three haircuts which teach the basics of mastering the head and haircut shape of men’s haircuts as well as the most important barbering techniques such as scissor over finger, scissor over comb, clipper over comb, and fading without leaving or having to blend out lines.

The second Barber DVD is titled Modern Barbering. It is here where you will put the foundation learned in the Barbering Basics DVD to use. This barber video covers all of the most popular haircuts in movies and music today. It takes a great understanding of all of the basic barbering techniques to complete these haircuts as well as some of the more advanced barber techniques that are introduced in these men’s hair cutting videos. The popular men’s hairstyles included in this video are:

Modern Barbering
Modern Barbering

1. A longer men’s layer cut which is actually a retro men’s haircut from the 1920’s era which is worn in the movie “The Great Gatsby” by Leonardo DiCaprio.

2. A short fade with a longer stylish top which is similar to Justin Bieber’s new haircut.

3. A classic pompadour which was made popular in the 1950’s and most recently by Bruno Mars.

4. The Princeton Haircut which is also know as an Ivy League Haircut. This is another popular hairstyle from the 1950″s most recently worn by Daniel Craig in the latest James Bond movie.

5. The Undercut. This is another 1920’s classic men’s haircut which is featured in the popular television show Boardwalk Empire worn by actor Micheal Pitt.

6. Last but not least is what I call the “Gentleman’s Taper”. This haircut has been in style for at least the last 100 years if not longer. It is your classic barber shop haircut. You can see a great example of this classic men’s haircut in the popular television show Mad Men.

These Barber DVD’s will be a great addition to your library of educational barber books and videos to refer back to on a continuing basis. These are the barbering techniques and men’s haircuts that will keep you sharp and help to ensure a long successful career in the men’s hair cutting business.