How To Cut A Flat Top Hairstyle

Flat Top Hairstyle

Learn how to cut a flat top hairstyle in the following video and step by step guide. Also, learn how to finish off the cut with the correct styling products to keep the cut looking consistent all day.

  1. Start on the right hand side. Use  the 3 ½  (3/8”) blade on the detachable blade clipper. Using the fading technique run the clipper up the side of the head to the temple area. Take an imaginary line parallel to the head straight up from the round of the head until you run out of hair. This will avoid leaving a line that needs to be blended out. Make sure not to follow the contour of the head at the parietal area.
  2. Work the clipper around the head until you get to the back. Run the clipper up to the crown and round it off slightly. Even though this haircut is square in shape the back needs to be rounded off slightly for proper balance.
  3. After the back continue on around the opposite side as in step 3.
  4. Next, blend the sides and back to the top. Even though the top has not been cut yet the corners need the square look from a front and back view. It will be much easier to cut the top flat when there is less hair to work with. Use the clipper over comb technique and either a 1 or 1 ½ blade depending on the thickness of the hair. U Hold the comb parallel to the head and take an imaginary line straight up in the air until you run out of hair to cut.
  5. Move on to the semi-finish. Use adjustable clipper starting in the longest setting working down to the shortest setting.
  6. Finish the taper with the adjustable clipper working down from the longest to shortest setting.
  7. Complete the finish with the t-trimmer using it correctly as demonstrated in tools of the trade lessons.
  8. After these steps are completed move on to the top. Blow dry the top with a small amount of alcohol free Zorian of New York firm hold styling gel to get an even shape to work with.
  9. Using the large flat top comb and a clipper over comb technique with the 1 blade. Begin in the front and work towards the back. Keep the comb parallel with the floor and comb through the first section in the center.  Very small sections will be needed to avoid clipper marks or lines. Move the comb very slowly toward the back angling the comb slightly downward to meet the guide from the sides and back zone.
  10. Move to either the right or left side of the center section and repeat the process. Make sure the center guide and previous guide are visible. This will help to keep the correct speed and sectioning with the comb. Take as many sections as necessary to meet the guide on the sides.
  11. Repeat the above step on opposite side.
  12. When rough cut is complete re-dry the hair with more product for the fine-tuning. Check from every angle in both the wall and hand mirrors.
  13. Touch up any areas that need it.
  14. Lastly, use a fingertip portion of the Zorian Of New York shaping paste for a strong hold and matte finish to hold this difficult growth pattern in place all day. (Optional: Spray with Zorian Of New York finish spray for a non sticky, quick dry finish for added hold)

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Hair Cream or Matte Pomade for Short Men’s Hairstyle

In the following video tutorial learn the features and benefits of selecting hair cream or matte pomade for short men’s hairstyle. This particular haircut is one of the most popular right now. It is a medium length fade with a short textured top easily styled with your fingers.

The product you select comes down to personal preference:

Our Zorian of New York grooming cream is a thick hair cream that provides a medium hold with a medium shine. It does not harden up and you can run you hands through your hair during the day and re-shape the style. It is water soluble which means it rinses out with ease without any left over residue. It is also infused with lavender oil and coconut oil which add moisture and contain essential vitamins for healthier hair.

Our Zorian of New York shaping paste is a matte pomade which is ideal for molding hair into any style. It has a firm hold without hardening up and leaves the hair with a matte or dry finish. Shaping paste is infused with Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant and Rosemary which gives the hair a thicker and fuller look. It is also water soluble and even with the strong hold it provides it rinses out easily without any leftover residue.

For this particular hair cut we selected the shaping paste. It gives the model a strong, long lasting hold with a matte finish which is exactly what he is looking for. As stated previously both products work excellent for this hairstyle. It will come down to your consultation with the client and their personal preference.

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How To Cut Hair With Clippers

One of the most common things beginning barbers as well as cosmetologists wanting to specialize in men’s hair cutting want to know is how to cut hair with clippers. The common misconception is that men’s hair cutting is referred to as clipper cutting or  a clipper cut. Nothing can be further from the truth. The clipper is one of many tools used to cut men’s hair not the only one. With that being said the clipper is a very valuable tool.

How To Cut Hair With Clippers

The most common techniques for cutting men’s hair with clippers are clipper over comb and blade on skin also referred to as freehand clipper cutting.

Clipper Over Comb: The comb is used to pick up the hair and the clipper cuts the hair over the comb just like scissor over comb.

Blade on Skin: This is when the clipper blade is placed directly on the scalp using a hair fading motion. This barbering technique is also used for creating the outline with a trimmer by placing it directly on the neck, forehead, and temple area to create the outline of the haircut.

It will be necessary to familiarize yourself and practice both of these valuable techniques when you are learning how to cut hair with clippers in the beginning of your career.

How To Cut A Low Fade – Low Taper

This haircut is one of the most difficult and popular hairstyles you will come across. Learning how to cut a low fade or low taper requires the ability to blend from a skin length to a professional length on the top without a leaving a line of demarcation. The fade or taper must be kept low so there is enough weight left in the corners for the hair to be combed into place. The client that generally gets this haircut is a young professional that is extremely meticulous. If one hair is out of place they will notice it.

Step by step instructions to for cutting a low fade- low taper:

1.        Start on the top area and using the scissor over comb technique. Pull the bangs up at a 90 degree angle and work your way back to the crown. Move the comb slowly so you can always see your previous guide in the comb.

2.        Take 1-2 sections to the right and left of the center guide. Keep using the scissor over comb technique and be sure to keep the comb parallel to floor to insure a square shape (leaving weight in the corners).

3.        Cut the round of the head section. For this step you can either start in the back or either side depending on if you are right or left handed. Use a scissor and comb technique holding the comb parallel to the sides and back area of the head and blend to the top area guide.

4.        For the sides and back section use the 3 ½ (3/8”) blade on the detachable blade clipper and the blade on skin technique. You will start to bevel the blade out slightly just below the temple area.

5.        Repeat step 4 with the 2 (1/4”) blade and then the 1 ½ (1/8”) blade. Make sure each time you drop down a blade size you start beveling the clipper about 1/2 inch below your previous guide (where you left off with your previous blade).

6.        Use the clipper over comb technique with the detachable blade clipper and the 1 ½ blade to finish the blend into the round of the head section.

7.        Cut the semi-finish area. Use the adjustable clipper with a 1/16” attachment. Set the lever to an open position to allow for a longer length. Next close the clipper blade for the next shortest length and repeat.

8.        Use the adjustable clipper without an attachment and repeat the previous step 3 times. First with the lever all the way open, next with the lever closed half way, and last with the lever closed all the way.

9.        Move on to the finish with the trimmer using the blade on skin technique. Stretch the skin around the finish area using a scooping motion to complete the fade.

10.      If further blending is needed in the fade area, use the scissor over comb technique with the finishing comb and the 40-44 thinning shears.

11.      Optional: The final step of the finishing area is the straight razor shave on sideburns, around the ears, and back of the neck. Apply shaving cream on the areas to be shaved. When finished with the shave wipe off excess shaving cream with a clean towel and apply aftershave.

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