7 Steps To A Great Men’s Haircut – Keep Your Haircut Customer Clean

Barbershop Sanitation 7 Steps To A Great Men’s Haircut – Keep Your Haircut Customer Clean: This is the final installment in this blog series but definitely one of the most important and one which will leave a lasting impression.

Before allowing your customer to leave your chair and walk up to the reception desk to pay for their service make sure they are completely cleaned off. While they are still sitting down take a clean towel and wipe off their face one more time. Make sure all shaving cream is off the back of their neck if you include a straight razor neck shave with the haircut. Apply some talc powder to a clean towel and brush off any loose hair clippings from the back of the neck. Last, use a whisk broom to completely brush off the back of the shirt and collar when your customer stands up. One of the most annoying feelings is being itchy the rest of the day after your haircut service from loose hair clippings falling down the back of your customers shirt or sticking to their shirt collar.

All of these little steps featured in this blog series will lead to the ultimate customer service experience and will give you the best chance of gaining and keeping a repeat customer!