7 Steps To A Great Men’s Haircut – Keep Your Haircut Customer Clean

Barbershop Sanitation 7 Steps To A Great Men’s Haircut – Keep Your Haircut Customer Clean: This is the final installment in this blog series but definitely one of the most important and one which will leave a lasting impression.

Before allowing your customer to leave your chair and walk up to the reception desk to pay for their service make sure they are completely cleaned off. While they are still sitting down take a clean towel and wipe off their face one more time. Make sure all shaving cream is off the back of their neck if you include a straight razor neck shave with the haircut. Apply some talc powder to a clean towel and brush off any loose hair clippings from the back of the neck. Last, use a whisk broom to completely brush off the back of the shirt and collar when your customer stands up. One of the most annoying feelings is being itchy the rest of the day after your haircut service from loose hair clippings falling down the back of your customers shirt or sticking to their shirt collar.

All of these little steps featured in this blog series will lead to the ultimate customer service experience and will give you the best chance of gaining and keeping a repeat customer!

How To Be Successful In Barber School – Part 1

Going to barbershool is the first step toward  building your educational foundation as a barber. This is not something to be taken lightly. Just showing up to school everyday is not enough. You have to take your education very seriously and take an active role in to make sure you get the most out of barbers school. In this three part series on how to be successful in barbershool I am going to cover 8 important areas you should to focus on.

How To Be Successful In Barber School – Part 1


Plan on being fifteen minutes early for school every day. This will give you time to put your things away, clean your tools, get a good seat in the classroom, finish up any last minute preparations for your first class, etc. By being early on a daily basis you will be developing one of the most important habits you can have for your future.


Every school has a dress code. Make sure to stick to it and show your teachers and classmates you take pride in your school. Go above and beyond just wearing your uniform. Come to school with your clothes ironed and your shoes freshly shined. This will make you feel better and more professional as well. Get in the habit early on of dressing for success.


This is a great topic for our business because you are communicating constantly. You have teachers, administrators, fellow students, and customers. Make sure to treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. Always try to keep a smile on your face. Smiles are contagious. If you are in an uncomfortable situation and it is possible to remove yourself, do so. The fastest way to success in any customer service related field is to treat people in a respectful and friendly manner.

Stay tuned for How To Be Successful In Barber School Part 2 coming soon….