Barber Training Classes

This past month we completed another one of our successful barber training classes at Gregory’s Barbershop in Albany, New York. Students drove in from all over New York state to learn the basic fundamentals of barbering. We accomplished this with six hands-on haircuts on manikin heads. Barber Training Classes

Our main points of focus when it comes to barbering basic fundamentals are the four basic men’s hair cutting techniques and correct posture while cutting hair.

We also focused on six men’s hairstyles that gave the students the foundation for whatever they would like to accomplish in barbering/men’s hair cutting.

The next barber training class on our schedule is Monday, February 24th. Please e-mail or call 518-629-5394 for more information and to reserve your seat. They are filling up fast.

Keep an eye out for upcoming dates for future classes if you can’t make it to the next one….

7 Steps To A Great Men’s Haircut Experience – Step 1

When it comes to men’s hair cutting I have found over the years there are 7 essential steps to delivering a great haircut. My personal feeling with men’s hair cutting is the term haircut experience is over used. As a barber shop owner for two decades with 450,000 customers served per year I have  come up with 7 basic steps to ensure customer satisfaction. Before I get into step 1 of this blog series there a 3 things that are a must no matter what for customer satisfaction:

1. Convenience handshake

2. Affordable Price

3. A Great Haircut

It is that simple. Guys do not need a whole lot of fluff. We want to get in and out with a great haircut, go to a nice place, and be treated well.

7 Steps To A Great Men’s Haircut Experience – Step 1

The Personal Greeting

I include this as part of the haircut because any communication with your customer is just as important as the haircut itself.  When it is the next customers turn for their haircut greet them by name. Everyone likes the sound of their name. Do not call people by any other names such as dude, pal, chief, boss, buddy, etc. It is very unprofessional, impersonal, and inappropriate. Even if they are a friend of yours the other people in the waiting room do not know that. You can never go wrong with a professional greeting such as Mr., Sir, Dr., etc.

Always include a handshake with your greeting. Walk over to where your customer is seated or meet them halfway as they are walking to your barber chair. Introduce yourself or say hello if they are a “regular” with a firm handshake, smile, and eye contact. The eye contact lets them know that you care and are interested in them. They are not just another head through the door. Always be genuine. Every time you say something, back it up with positive body language and facial expressions.

Stay tuned for Step 2…..

Barber DVD’s

I just released two brand new Barber DVD’s that are a great way for beginners as well as seasoned barbers and hairstylists to take their men’s hair cutting techniques and skills to the next level.

Barbering Basics DVD
Barbering Basics DVD

The first Barber DVD is titled Barbering Basics. This barber video covers in detail the tools necessary for a building the proper foundation for a career in barbering. You will learn about the different types of barber shears and thinning shears including the best sizes to use and how to maintain them. Then you will get a complete clipper training. Learn the advantages of using three different clippers and the best uses for each. Then I move on to compare the difference between metal clipper blades and plastic clipper attachments. Each one has it’s uses and benefits. After you gain the proper education of  the barber tools it’s time to move on the the haircuts. This barber DVD contains three haircuts which teach the basics of mastering the head and haircut shape of men’s haircuts as well as the most important barbering techniques such as scissor over finger, scissor over comb, clipper over comb, and fading without leaving or having to blend out lines.

The second Barber DVD is titled Modern Barbering. It is here where you will put the foundation learned in the Barbering Basics DVD to use. This barber video covers all of the most popular haircuts in movies and music today. It takes a great understanding of all of the basic barbering techniques to complete these haircuts as well as some of the more advanced barber techniques that are introduced in these men’s hair cutting videos. The popular men’s hairstyles included in this video are:

Modern Barbering
Modern Barbering

1. A longer men’s layer cut which is actually a retro men’s haircut from the 1920’s era which is worn in the movie “The Great Gatsby” by Leonardo DiCaprio.

2. A short fade with a longer stylish top which is similar to Justin Bieber’s new haircut.

3. A classic pompadour which was made popular in the 1950’s and most recently by Bruno Mars.

4. The Princeton Haircut which is also know as an Ivy League Haircut. This is another popular hairstyle from the 1950″s most recently worn by Daniel Craig in the latest James Bond movie.

5. The Undercut. This is another 1920’s classic men’s haircut which is featured in the popular television show Boardwalk Empire worn by actor Micheal Pitt.

6. Last but not least is what I call the “Gentleman’s Taper”. This haircut has been in style for at least the last 100 years if not longer. It is your classic barber shop haircut. You can see a great example of this classic men’s haircut in the popular television show Mad Men.

These Barber DVD’s will be a great addition to your library of educational barber books and videos to refer back to on a continuing basis. These are the barbering techniques and men’s haircuts that will keep you sharp and help to ensure a long successful career in the men’s hair cutting business.

Most Popular Men’s Hairstyles DVD

Modern Barbering DVDThe Most Popular Men’s Hairstyles DVD is finally here! Barbering has moved into a very exciting and creative direction in recent times. Even though the title of this video is modern barbering the haircuts featured in this DVD set represent almost every decade of the past 100 years. When you look at the history of men’s hairstyles you will find all of these haircuts were worn at one time or another by famous movie stars, musicians, and athletes. The really interesting trend now is all of these styles are popular at the same time. Most importantly, a proficiency in all of the classic barbering techniques is a must to provide these exciting and stylish haircuts.

Learn How To Cut The Most Popular Hairstyles Of  Today:

Gentleman's Taper HaircutThe Gentlemen’s Taper

The Gentlemen’s Taper is one of the classic barber haircuts that has been popular for generations. This haircut is sometimes referred to as a regular haircut or the “Barbershop Regular”. It requires proficiency in the scissor over comb haircutting technique and the clipper over comb technique for tapering a natural hairline. There is a great example of this haircut worn by the actor John Slatterly on the popular tv show Mad Men.

The Hollywood Fade HaircutThe Hollywood Fade

The Hollywood Fade is a fun haircut and will challenge your skills. It actually combines most of the barbering techniques including scissor over comb, thinning scissor over comb, clipper over comb, and fading. The haircut is a combination of a short fade with a longer messy top. You see a lot of young actors in Hollywood with these stylish haircuts with longer tops and very short sides.

The Princeton HaircutThe Princeton

The Princeton is a short and low maintenance haircut that was first made popular in the 1950’s. This is a great haircut for someone that does not want to put a lot of work into styling their hair. It is also great for young children with difficult cowlicks because you are basically cutting off the crown. You will need to be proficient with the clipper over comb blending technique to achieve the perfect finish. Most recently this haircut has been made very popular again by the actor Daniel Craig in the latest James Bond movie Skyfall.

1950s Pompadour HaircutThe Pompadour

The Pompadour is a hairstyle that represented and defined the decade of the 1950’s. This hairstyle was made famous by musicians Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. To be able to provide this haircut properly you need to have an excellent understanding of graduation. In other words, you will be blending a natural hairline to the much longer top that this hairstyle requires. You will also need to be proficient with a vent brush and hairdryer for styling the finish. Most recently the musician Bruno Mars wore a retro 1950’s pompadour to the Grammy Awards.

The Modern Undercut HaircutThe Modern Undercut

The Undercut was a popular hairstyle that originated in the Prohibition Era of the 1920’s. The haircut worn by actor Michael Pitt from the TV show Boardwalk Empire is a great example. For this haircut you will need to be proficient with your clipper cutting techniques and layering hair with your scissors. You also need to have an understanding of the term disconnected. This means a haircut that is basically two different haircuts in one and do not blend together. Most recently soccer star David Beckham along with Michael Pitt made this hairstyle popular again.

The Roaring 20s Layer HaircutThe Roaring 20’s Layer Cut

The Roaring 20’s was a rebellious time that numerous TV shows and movies have glorified. All of the men were always dressed to perfection. Top hats and three piece suits were a must. This hairstyle is a longer layered haircut. You will need to have an understanding of graduation and square shape layering. You will also need to understand the concept of a visual blend vs. a technical blend. Most recently actors such as Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling have worn this hairstyle in the movie Gangster Squad which represents the 1920’s time period.