Barbershop Customer Service Tips

There are many challenges to gaining and keeping customers with you. In today’s world we are bombarded with choices. When you get a chance do some research and find out how many places within a 5 minute drive from where you work you can get a haircut. In the United States alone there are about 225,000 licensed barbers and about 2,250,000 cosmetologists. Still think you are irreplaceable?

Barbershop customer service tips that work really well is keeping the wife, girlfriend, or mother of your customer happy. Make sure to ask your customer as well as their significant other their opinion when they are present. This will go a long way to showing you really care and are committed to keeping your customer happy. I know sometimes it can be difficult concentrating with someone watching closely over you when you are giving a haircut but take it as a challenge. They are just there because they want a good haircut for the man in their life or their child. Any of their anxiety will go away with a good haircut which will become obvious well before you are finished.

One of the things I try to do is find humor in the situation. I had a couple come into the shop that were getting married that weekend and the wife to be asked me if I could do a flat top. I told her it was my specialty. She looked at me and said, “That is what everyone has told me and he hasn’t gotten a good one yet.” I almost started to panick but remembered I can give a good flat top. She stood so close to me while I was working I barely had enough room to work. Within a few minutes of starting the haircut she left the shop to go wait in the car. Just like I said in previous posts the customer will gain or lose confidence in you long before you finish the haircut.

There was no way I was going to let her off that easy. When I finished the haircut I walked out and told her she had to come back in to look at my masterpiece. I worked hard on this haircut and wanted at least half of a smile from her which I was not sure was possible based on the way she acted when they first walked in. She was all smiles when she saw her husband to be and they became repeat customers for as long as long as they lived in the area.

How To Cut Men’s Hair – Always Be On Time

When learning how to cut men’s hair – always be on time. This can take on a few different meanings:

  1. When taking appointments make sure to be on time for you clients. Schedule them far enough apart so that if someone is 5-10 minutes late you won’t run late for the next customer. The only thing to be careful of is scheduling appointments too far apart where you can’t get all of your customers booked and/or you have too few appointment slots in a day which will cost you money.
  2. If you are working strictly on a walk-in basis it is equally important to stay on time. Even though the customers waiting do not have an appointment you still do not want the wait to be too long. In todays’ world everyone is extremely busy and time is precious. Establish a base line for how long your haircuts will take you and stick to it. Customers respect and expect this consistency.

A few suggestions that can help you stay on time are:

–          Wear a watch to make sure that you stick to your allowed time. I wouldn’t wear an expensive one because you might get it wet and you will probably get chemicals or products on it.

–          Another tip is if I get talking with a customer and I am running behind, my front desk coordinator will come and sweep for me giving me the subtle hint to get moving.

Your customers will greatly appreciate your timeliness and it will result in increased retention rate, commissions, and tips.

Barber DVD’s vs. Learning How To Cut Men’s Hair Online

The first step to any good barber education is the proper schooling. Going to a good barber or cosmetology school is the START of building your foundation as a barber or men’s hairstylist. Continuing your education in any field is a must and the hair industry is no different.

In this blog I want to talk about the pros and cons of barber DVD’s vs. learning how to cut men’s hair online. Before seeking out the kind of barber DVD’s or online  barber education you will buy, watch, and learn from you need to do a little research:

  1. Decide on the type of haircuts you most want to learn and specialize in. (The important thing to remember here is the type of haircuts that you can make money doing. Not one that is just cool to watch and is going to be very difficult or time consuming to give and slow you down.
  2. Find out who the best barbers creating DVD’s and online education are. Do the research. You want to learn how to be a barber from the best. (Always remember, it takes a lot longer to break a bad habit than it does to learn a good one).
  3. Barber education comes in many forms now. You can buy DVD’s, digital downloads, and streaming video on a pay per view basis. There a many options available which creates an incredible value. You can’t afford not watch and learn.

How do you find good barber education and how much does it cost?

–          There are many ways to find good barber education. Ask your local barber supplier, check with the large national barber suppliers, google, youtube, amazon, facebook, or twitter. There are also some really good haircutting informational sites that promote barber DVD’s and online education.

–          Barber DVD’s are very inexpensive today compared to education received. Prices can range from $20 to $140.

–          With technology today you can buy streaming access to HD quality barber videos for as low as $19.95 on a pay per view basis. There are also companies giving annual memberships to hours’ worth of material for between $200 – $300 dollars.

The pros barber DVD’s:

–          1 time fee

–           Watch on your T.V or computer

–          Take them with you wherever you go

–          You don’t need a computer

The cons of barber DVD’s:

–          Much more expensive compared to the amount of education you can have access to online

–          Need to store them

–          Can’t watch on your phone or tablet

–          Haircuts can become outdated

–          Will not have access to new material

The pros of learning how to cut men’s hair online:

–          With memberships you can have access to a tremendous amount of material

–          You will have access to updates as they come for no additional charge

–          Much Lower cost in comparison to the amount of material that is accessible

–          Can watch on computer, phone, or tablet any time anywhere in the world

–          Can cancel at any time to avoid future charges

–          The streaming video quality today is in High Definition

The cons of learning how to cut hair online:

–          You need a computer, phone, or tablet

–          You don’t own a physical product

–          You need to have a high speed internet connection

In my opinion the benefits of learning how to cut men’s hair online far outweighs buying barber DVD’s. This is why I decided to create a fully interactive platform to stream the best quality barber education online that I can update as men’s hairstyles and men’s haircutting techniques change. Either way, it is impossible to estimate the return on such a small investment over the course of your career.

Learn How To Fade Hair

One of the most important things to consider when you learn how to fade hair is how high or how low the fade should be cut. There are a lot of things to consider as you think about this question. Some of them include cowlicks, hair thickness, hair color, the length of the bangs, shape of the head, surface of the scalp (lumps, bumps, and/or dents), moles, scars, customer’s age, customer’s job, desired hairstyle, and the customer’s preference.

A very important note to keep in mind is that no matter how good you are at fading hair, if the fade is too high or too low your customer will not think it is a good haircut. If the haircut is 100% technically correct but it is not exactly what the customer wants they won’t be happy. This is especially true with the fade haircut customer. It doesn’t matter if they are a young kid or older suit and tie professional. These are the most particular and hardest customers to please.

This blog is going to cover how high to cut the fade in relation to the length of the bangs. The height of the fade should be balanced properly with the length of the bangs. The fade should never be higher than the bangs.

This is a little tricky because with most of today’s styles the bangs are either pushed up, combed to the side, or brushed straight back. For these styles cut the top first and then comb the bangs straight forward before beginning the fade. When you are clipper cutting the sides, start arching the clipper away from the head about a half of an inch below the bangs. This will leave enough room to blend the sides to the top without fading the hair too high.

This is a little easier with the shorter styles that get an edge-up. Make sure to leave yourself enough room so the fade stops where the edge-up in the temple and forehead begins. This will ensure the proper balance.