Barber Class at Raritan Valley Community College

Men's Cutting ClassI recently had the opportunity to teach a barber class at Ratitan Valley Community College. Their new facilities are absolutely stunning and the director of the program does an outstanding job running the cosmetology program. Area professionals were invited to take part in the class to brush up on their skills and become more familiar with the school and it’s program. This in turn will help both the school and the salons develop a relationship for recruiting and job placement. This is something that I do often at both public and private cosmetology schools throughout the country. If you”re school is interested in finding out more information on my classes you can contact me at or call (518)629-5394.

I always customize the curriculum for the specific needs of every school, salon, or barbershop to best fit your needs. Below is the outline of the base curriculum and we work from there to fit your needs.

Course Outline:

Morning Session: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

  1. Greg Zorian Introduction
  2. Introduction to men’s haircuts shapes and sections (terminology)
  3. Introduction to the basic men’s haircutting techniques (terminology and demonstration)
    • Scissor Over Fingers
    • Scissor Over Comb
    • Clipper Over Comb
    • Blending
  4. Introduction to advanced haircutting techniques
    1. Texture shear over fingers
    2. Texture shear over comb
    3. Straight razor over comb
    4. Straight razor over fingers
    5. Straight razor sculpting
  5. Demonstration of correct holding of tools, body positioning in relation to the head, and correct posture for cutting
  6. Men’s haircutting demonstration
    1. Pompadour
    2. 1920’s Great Gatsby style side part
    3. Disconnected side part with razor part shaved in
  7. Q&A

Lunch: 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Afternoon Session: 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

  1. Three hands–on haircuts on mannequins focusing on all of the basic men’s haircutting techniques with some advanced techniques mixed in:
    1. Pompadour
    2. 1920’s Great Gatsby style side part
    3. Disconnected side part with razor part shaved in
    4. Learn how to teach your clients to style their hair and increase retail sales in the process
  2. Q&A


Barbering Demonstrations at IBS New York

Barbering Demonstration at IBS New York

I had the honor of teaching 2 barbering demonstrations at IBS New York . It was a great experience meeting so many people in my home state. Many of whom I have met through my online subscription, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. I also had the pleasure to see many familiar faces that have attended hands on classes at my barbershops.

The first class I taught was titled “Classic Barbering 101”. See the class description below:

Learn the differences and stunning similarities between classic and modern barbering. Find out how the tools, techniques, and haircuts have changed as well as stayed the same. Watch third generation barber Greg Zorian demonstrate a haircut using techniques and styles from the “good old days” as well as today.  Leave this class with a better understanding of the history of our industry as well as what a barber means to his/her community.

The next class I taught was titled “How To Cut and Style the Perfect Pomp”. See the class description below:

Learn the many barbering techniques necessary to create a perfectly balanced pompadour. Using a mix of scissor over comb, clipper over comb, straight razor sculpting, fading, and blending techniques Greg will walk you through the step by step process to completing this popular haircut. You will also learn the styling techniques and products necessary to make your pompadour stand out in a crowd.

I would highly recommend attending both of the International Beauty Shows held in New York City and Las Vegas. The education department does an outstanding job of hiring the best educators in the hair industry. After sitting in on many of my colleague’s classes including technical, business, and motivational I came away inspired and more motivated than ever to get back to work building my  barbershops, seminar company, and product company.

Complimentary Barbering Demonstration with Zorian Of New York

Zorian of New YorkJoin us for a Complimentary Barbering Demonstration, sponsored by Zorian of New York and on September 11th, 2016 at Gregory’s Barbershop in Clifton Park, NY. There will be live men’s cutting, product demonstrations, and DVD and product raffle prizes. There will also be the opportunity to network with other licensed hair professionals looking to increase their skills and profitability through the exploding men’s segment of the hair industry.

The event will be filmed live for the At this event you will learn how to cut and style modern men’s hairstyles using techniques including scissor over comb, clipper over comb, fading, texturizing, razor cutting and much more.

This event will have 2 sessions to choose from. The first session will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the second session will be held from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Questions? Call (518)629-5394. Registration is limited to one session per person. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Andis Clipper Cutting Class

I recently had the opportunity to present an Andis clipper cutting class in Farmington Hills, Michigan. at the IndustryAndis Clipper Cutting Class Source. A wide variety of topics were covered and I also had the opportunity to demonstrate some fun haircuts with the best clippers of course. The class started out with a presentation on how to choose the correct clipper for each individual. This was done through educating the class on the three different types of clippers which include detachable blade, adjustable blade, and trimmers. Also, the features and benefits of the three types of motors were discussed in great detail: rotary motor, magnetic motor, and pivot motor. After giving the class a detailed explanation of the above we spent a considerable amount of time on clipper maintenance. This is probably on of the most least talked about but important topics in barbering. Every clipper should be cleaned, disinfected, and oiled before each use. No if, and’s, or but’s about it. This will ensure a longer life for your clippers and optimum cutting efficiency. One of the most fun parts of these classes is to pull some of the attendees on stage to demonstrate and give away free stuff from Andis for their participation.

Next, it was on to the haircuts. I was able to demonstrate some live haircuts as well as on mannequins. I started out with a side part haircut and demonstrated the back hand clipper cutting or shear style cutting technique on the top section. On the sides and back I demonstrated how to achieve the same look with clipper over comb or plastic attachments along with a detailed explanation of the benefits of each. Finally, we finished off the haircut with a hard part which means shaving a part into the head with a powerful trimmer to make it stand out.

Next up I demonstrated a textured haircut on a mannequin. In this haircut I again used the back hand or shear style cutting technique with the clippers to remove length and layer the hair. To add texture I used the texturizing blade on the detachable blade clipper. This blade (T-24) takes the place of using a blending shear or straight razor. The attendees who come up on stage to try it out absolutely loved this technique and the finish it leaves on the hair.

On our last model I demonstrated a side part undercut with a bald fade and cut the part in. Many techniques were used on this haircut but the one I like to demonstrate the most is the reverse fading technique. In other words, fading from the top down without putting a line in first. The class loved this technique. Especially the idea of almost completely eliminating the blending step to save time while increasing efficiency.

Overall it was a great class and I appreciate the opportunity to have been able to present this class for Andis and the Industry Source. I am looking forward to my next trip back.

September Hands On Barbering Class with Greg Zorian

On a beautiful day in early September we had 9 people come out for our latest hands on barbering class at Gregory’s Barbershop. The shop is a perfect place to hold class because it gives the attendees the feel of working in an award winning barbershop. It’s great to work with so many people that are so passionate about men’s cutting and a few were even attending the class for their second time.

Hands On Barbering Class with Greg Zorian

September Hands On Barbering Class with Greg Zorian

The syllabus for this class was even more ambitious than usual. I added in another haircut bringing our total haircuts practiced to 6 in only 8 hours. We started out with a long men’s layer cut where the class learned the difference between working with a traveling guide and a stationary guide. They also learned how to give a long haircut with a masculine finish.  Next, we moved on to a medium length layer cut with disconnected bangs. This is a versatile haircut that can be worn to the side or brushed straight back. Always a class favorite is the Pompadour 1950’s style. I always challenge the class to see who can get the top to stand up the highest when styled. From there we moved on to the traditional side part haircut which is one of the most common barber shop haircuts. Next, we did a shorter version of the business cut in which we practiced fading techniques with longer clipper attachments and blades. Lastly, came the most challenging haircut: the flattop. The degree of difficulty is due tothe hand dexterity necessary for clipper over comb and understanding how to cut a square shape on a round object.

The class was very successful and we had one of the attendees travel from as far away as 1,000 miles! Everyone did excellent and left with a new enthusiasm for men’s hair cutting. In the past month since the class I have received numerous e-mail updates with photos and comments on how the class has been helping them in their barbershops and salons. I am looking forward to our next class on Monday January 12th, 2015. It is always fun meeting and working with a new group. The class is already half full with a couple of the attendees who will be traveling 900 miles to take the class. If you are interested in more information on the class please e-mail or call us at (518)618-9515.