How To Blend Hair – The Tapered Hairline

In the barbering world the words taper and fade are often used. By definition a tapered haircut means longer hair gradually tapered to shorter hair. By definition a faded haircut means hair that is cut from short to long without a line of demarcation. As you can see both terms have the same meaning. It all comes down to blending a men’s haircut from shorter to longer without a heavy weight line.

The following questions are where the confusion comes in:
–          Should a taper/fade show skin on the sides?
–          How high should the taper/fade be cut?
–          Should the outline of the haircut be tapered, faded, or squared off?
All of these questions should be answered in the customer consultation.

In this blog I am going to expain the tapered/faded hairline. A tapered/faded outline is a great way to finish off a man’s haircut or a boys haircut. It looks more finished and professional than just making a line on the back of the neck. Visualize a 1 finger width area around the perimeter of the haircut. Instead of blocking or lining this area off create a 45 degree bevel which will leave a soft finish that TAPERS/FADES down to the skin without a line of demarcation. The adjustable clipper is the ideal tool to use combined with the clipper over comb and blade on skin men’s haircutting techniques.

Finishing off a men’s haircut in this manner will allow the haircut to grow in much more naturally. A line of demarcation will not be visible when the haircut is  growing out. Probably the most important benefit of finishing a men’s haircut this way is it is difficult to do. This will keep your customer in the barbershop or salon instead of a friend, wife, or girlfriend trimming your customer’s neck in between haircuts.