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Greg Zorian at The International Beauty Show with The Andis Company

IMG_3598I just returned from the International Beauty Show working as a platform artist for The Andis Company. It was an honor to be chosen to represent such a great company with the highest quality of  educators and hair cutting tools. I had the opportunity to spend three days with three incredible Andis educators: Jessica Zeinstra, Kenny Duncan, and Danny Ammorium. We had a blast on stage cutting hair and demonstrating the latest in clipper technology.

I also had the opportunity to talk to many students who have taken my barbering seminars in my home town of Albany, New York as well as barber and cosmetology schools throughout the Northeast and New England. I also had the chance to meet many longtime members of my website as well as numerous subscribers to my YouTube channel. It was an honor to be surrounded by such positive energy and a huge group of people that share an incredible passion for what we do for a living.

Greg Zorian at The International Beauty Show with The Andis Company:

Barber Training Course at Gregory’s Barbershop

IMG_8298We just completed our latest barber training course at Gregory’s Barbershop in Albany, New York. It was an honor to work with such and incredibly talented and fun group of people. We all had a blast working all day on what is normally a day off in the hair business. This group was extremely hungry to learn everything we could teach them in 9 hours. We covered a lot of ground starting out with the 4 basic barbering techniques: Scissor Over Fingers, Scissor Over Comb, Clipper Over comb, and Blade On Skin. It is our strong feeling that if you can master these four techniques there will be no stopping you when it comes to building your male clientele.

Next up we worked on the two basic shapes of men’s hairstyles. It’s very simple. Men’s haircuts have either a square shape with weight in the corners so the hair does not stand up and can be styled traditionally or they have a contoured shape. All that means is the hair is cut to the contour of the shape of the head. Think brush cuts, ivy league haircuts, and all types of hawks.

After covering the basics we jumped right in to cutting hair. We were able to do five haircuts on our mannequins. We started out with a long men’s layer cut with disconnected bangs. In other words the haircut was blended visually but not technically. The one thing we cautioned the class about was not to confuse the term disconnected for an uneven haircut. Next up was one of the most popular haircuts of all of our barbering seminars: The Pompadour. Think Bruno Mars at the Grammy’s or the halftime show at the Super Bowl. We always have a competition to see who can get their “Pomp” to stand up the tallest. Yes, we actually measure the height of the top to determine the winner. After The Pompadour we moved on to the traditional business cut. Think suit and tie guy. Side part with a nice blend and natural hairline. From there we cut a short version of the Ivy League haircut: think James Bond in “Skyfall”. Last but certainly not least is the dreaded flattop. I say dreaded flattop because most cosmetologists and beginning barbers are extremely afraid of cutting flattops. We are cutting square shape on a round object and it takes a lot of practice.

If you missed out on this sold out class don’t worry there are more to come. Keep an eye out on the blog and sign up for our e-mail list to stay up informed on when and where the next class is going to be held. We hope to see you soon….

Give Yourself The Gift Of Men’s Haircutting Education

All American Barbering DVD Complete SetThis Valentine’s Day weekend give yourself the gift of men’s haircutting education. We have just added a brand new free membership  area where you will have access to over 3 hours of barber video instruction as well as be able to download two short e-books: “The Clipper Guide”, and “The How To Fade Hair Guide”.

We are also offering a 30% discount off our entire library of Barbering DVDs. Just use the coupon code – Valentine – at checkout to receive your discount. This offer expires midnight on February 16th.

With both options you will learn the secret to the perfectly blended haircut. “If you don’t make a line of demarcation you won’t have to blend it out.” This is the most important technique you can learn in barbering/men’s haircutting to improve your results and efficiency!

We wish everyone a safe and Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Two Day Advanced Barber Training Academy

I would like to congratulate Tanya Golder from Fort Lauderdale, Florida for completing The Two Day Advanced Advanced Barber Training at Gregory's BarbershopBarber Training Academy in Albany, New York at Gregory’s Barbershop. Tanya exemplifies what true passion and determination for becoming the best she can be is all about. She has been a member of HowToCutHair.tv for over a year beginning when she was in barber school and into the first six months of her career. We have had the opportunity to get to know each other a little over that time through e-mail and phone conversations. She has been asking all of the right questions and it has been an honor to help steer her in the right direction to start her career in the best barbershop for her. I would recommend anyone in Fort Lauderdale to go see Tanya at the Las Olas Barbershop to get a first class haircut from her.

I absolutely love teaching these one-on-one classes and getting to know and help people from all over the country further their careers. In Tanya’s case she came well prepared. She knew exactly what she wanted to learn and practice. It was so obvious that she came prepared to get the most out of her investment.

On day 1  we covered the usual barbering basic techniques such as scissor over fingers, scissor over comb, clipper over comb, and blade on skin haircutting. We also worked on body positioning and posture, head shapes, sections of the head, and haircut shapes. Due to Tanya’s impressive ability we were able to work on some advanced barbering techniques as well such as razor sculpting, razor over comb, and razor over fingers.

On day two Tanya got the surprise of a lifetime with a 14 inch snow storm. It was the first time if 15 years that she has seen snow. The shop was closed for a snow day but we braved the weather and drove to the shop to work anyway. We finished up our manikin work and I demonstrated 6 different haircuts and a shave on live customers. Tanya diligently took notes and asked plenty of the right questions.

I had a couple of first time moments in my classes that I will never forget. The first is being corrected by Tanya for not referring to a customer by their first name. If you read my blogs you know I stress how important this is. I do not like excuses but I forgot the customers name and it didn’t get by her. The second, which I am very thankful for is: the first haircut I teach on the manikin with long hair has been taking a little bit too long in all of my classes. Tanya showed me a sectioning technique from her cosmetology training that will improve that portion of my seminars in the future (Thanks Tanya!).

I had a great experience teaching this class and am looking forward to visiting Tanya at her barbershop on my next trip to South Florida. Which by the way can’t come soon enough. It is -4 degrees outside at the time of this writing.

The Classic Brush Cut

The Classic Brush Cut is an excellent choice with summer fast approaching. This short clipper cut will never go out of style. I joke a lot with my senior clientele that have this hairstyle that this is probably the same haircut they’ve had since they were a kid. It is very low maintenance  but has a more style than the typical one length buzz cut. The true definition of the classic brush cut has a little bit of hair in the front to stand up with some styling was or pomade.

The Classic Brush Cut Brush Cut

1. Start midway on the top using a 3/8″ blade or attachment. You need to leave enough room to blend into a slightly longer front.

2. Clipper the sides and back with 1/4″ blade or attachment.

3. Taper the outline of the haircut with an adjustable clipper.

4. Outline the haircut with a finishing clipper. Make sure not to cut the taper off on the neckline.

5. Blend the top into the bang area leaving enough hair to stand up. The #1 1/2 blade on a detachable blade clipper works best. It will cut and blend at the same time which is especially important for fine light colored hair.