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How To Cut Curly Hair

How To Cut Curly HairOne of the more challenging men’s hair textures to cut is curly hair. It is difficult to pick up with your fingers and cut evenly. It is also difficult to pick up with a comb using the scissor over comb techniques. That being said it is necessary to take your time and make sure to cut every hair that you are holding in your fingers or comb. Also, be very careful with your barber shear not to dig the point into your finger too hard to grab the hair. Speaking from experience this can result in cutting your finger. A quick tip to make the shorter clipper cut sides and back easier is to use a skip tooth  detachable clipper blade with the clipper over comb technique.

How To Cut Curly Hair

1. Cut the top section. Create a center guide using the scissor over fingers technique and a traveling guide.

2. Cut 1-2 sections to the right and the left of your center guide using the same technique as in step one.

3. Cut the round of the head section. Start in the back and create a center guide using the scissor over finger technique. Hold your fingers parallel to the head.

4. Using a traveling guide and small sections to insure accuracy, cut the hair to the right temple and then to the left temple.

5. Taper the sides and back with the clipper over comb technique. Use a detachable blade clipper with a skip tooth blade which will grab the curly hair much better than a regular blade.

6. Complete the outline. Edge off the sideburns and clean up the back of the neck. Use an upward stroke on the back of the neck with the trimmer to avoid razor burn and cutting into the hairline.

Short Clipper Cut – Part 1

This short clipper cut is a modern version of the side part. This hairstyle is generally shorter on the sides with a longer top. It is also a very versatile haircut which can be styled in many different ways. The most common ways to style this haircut are: parted to the side with a wet look and some height in the front, or to the side with a messy dry finish and some height in the front. This hairstyle can also be referred to as a short pompadour as well. 

Short Clipper Cut – Part 1

1. Cut the top section using a thinning shear over fingers technique. The hair is very thick so it needs to be thinned out and cut at the same time.

2. Start with a center guide. Hold your fingers parallel to the floor and  close the thinning shear three times starting halfway down the shaft of the hair. Use the first cut as your traveling guide and work your way back to the pivot.

3. Repeat step 2 on the right side of your center guide.

4. Repeat step 2 on the left side of your center guide.

5. Cut the front of the hair in the same manner with the thinning shears. Hold your fingers parallel to the forehead instead of parallel to the floor. This will remove thickness and length at the same time.

6. Start in the crown or pivot area and repeat step 5 to the right temple. Hold your fingers parallel to the top part of the round of the head or occipital and parietal areas.

7. Repeat step 7 to the left temple.


Stay tuned for part 2 of The Short Clipper Cut coming soon…

How To Cut A High Fade

How To Cut A High FadeOne of the most challenging haircuts in barbering is the high fade. Everyone’s head shape is different. Everyone’s hair texture is different. When learning how to cut a high fade the two most important things to keep in mind is to never cut past the round of the head and do not take the shortest length too high which will leave you without any room to blend to the top.

How To Cut A High Fade:

1. Start by cutting the top first. Removing the bulk from the top will make it easier to visualize where to best cut the fade.

2. Cut the parietal area. Remove the bulk from this area so you do not lose sight of the cutting blade which can result in not leaving enough room for the blend.

3. Start with you largest blade and work down through the smaller blades. Make sure to leave a little room in between blade sizes to create the fading effect. This will eliminate leaving a line and the blending step altogether.

4. Complete the outline with a trimmer. Line up the side burns and shave the back of the neck with an upward stroke to avoid leaving a line and ruining the taper or fade.

5. Style the hair to the customers preference.

Premiere Hair Show Birmingham

Premiere BirminghamI am very happy to announce that I have been selected to teach two barbering classes at the upcoming Premiere Hair Show Birmingham on Sunday and Monday October 19th and 20th. I will also have a booth at the show where I will be performing hair cutting demonstrations for both days. If you are planning on attending I will need models for the booth as well as my classes. I am looking for all types of hairstyles for the booth. For my classes I need anyone interested in getting a classic flattop, a modern flattop with a longer front, and a classic side part with a hard part shaved in. If anyone is interested please contact me at greg@howtocuthair.tv.

Throughout the weekend and the for the classes I will be demonstrating both basic and advanced barbering techniques such as fading, clipper over comb, scissor over comb, thinning shear over comb, razor cutting and much more. I will be available to give advice on the best tools for whatever your specialty in men’s haircutting/barbering may be.

I will also have  my complete library of Barber DVDs available for sale with a 40% show discount. If you are in the market for more continuing education don’t miss this opportunity to learn and save big!

Stay tuned for more information on the classes and my booth number…




Medium Fade Haircut

Medium Fade HaircutWe are very excited to release our newest video: The Medium Fade Haircut with a longer textured top. Anytime you are leaving a longer top and cutting the sides very close it can be very challenging. Some of the important things to remember are not to fade higher than the widest point of the head and make sure the blending area is never higher than the front length. These are the two most important instructions in providing a balanced medium fade or any fade for that matter.