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Clipper Cutting Demonstration In Boston

OB'a ClassWe will be at GF Distributors on January 26th giving a clipper cutting demonstration in Boston. If you are looking to learn the latest in clipper cutting techniques, clipper maintenance, and how to achieve today’s most popular hairstyles this class is for you. The hairstyles that will be featured are the pompadour, the side part with a hard part cut in, fades, and more. In addition to the clipper cutting techniques of fading and clipper over comb you will also learn backhand clipper cutting which is a technique that allows you to pick up hair and cut it over your fingers. There will also be scissor cutting and straight razor cutting techniques demonstrated as well such as barber shear over comb, razor sculpting, and razor over comb.

GF Distributors will be featuring the men’s product line O’Ba Men. All attendees of the class will receive free products with their ticket purchase to sample. This line will be an excellent addition to your salon or barbershop.

If you are interested in attending please contact Jackie at: (978) 667-9900

We also need models interested in the hairstyles below. If you would like to be a model for the class please let Jackie know when you purchase your ticket.

Clipper Cutting Class at Michael’s School of Hair Design

Clipper MaintenanceI recently had the opportunity to teach a clipper cutting class at Michael’s School of Hair Design. I was overwhelmed with the hospitality that was shown to me by the school from the personalized  welcome sign to the collage of  of my work hanging up in the classroom. The students were very attentive and eager to learn, the learning leaders were among the friendliest I have met in my travels around the country, and the ownership took time out of their busy day to come and talk with me after the class.

This Andis clipper cutting class featured a power point presentation designed by their Manager of Education and Style Aileen Nunez. The class focused on teaching how to choose the correct clipper for your needs. This was done through a complete explanation of the different types of clippers and motors. For example, there are three different types of motors to choose from that all have their own features and benefits: rotary motor, magnetic motor, and pivot motor with many different styles of clippers in each category to choose from. Next, we talked about the different types of clippers: detachable blade, adjustable blade, trimmers, corded clippers, and cordless clippers. Again, with many different designs to fit your personality. Next up and most importantly was how to maintain you clippers to insure a long useful life. This is done through the proper disinfection, lubrication, and  cleaning before and after each use. A thorough description of all of the motor types, clipper types, and proper maintenance can be found in the Andis catalog.

The clipper cutting class finished up with some fun hair cuts. First we cut a pompadour with a side part cut in using a the Andis MVP detachable blade clipper and an ion battery powered cordless trimmer. The hair was styled with a styling paste, high powered Andis hairdryer, and a Denman vent brush. Next, was a high top fade cut with an Andis Envy clipper with the new pink camouflage design. We used a fading technique for the sides and back and a freehand clipper cutting technique for the top. The ion battery powered cordless trimmer was used for the detailed outlining.

I look forward to the opportunity to go back to Michael’s School of Hair Design to visit everyone I met and teach another class.

Short Clipper Cut – Part 3

This short clipper cut is a modern version of the side part or sometimes referred to as a short pompadour. This hairstyle is generally shorter on the sides with a longer top. Proficiency in clipper over comb as well as scissor over comb is a must to complete a well balanced short clipper cut.

Short Clipper Cut – Part 3

The objective of of this part of the haircut is to create a natural hairline or tapered hairline. This takes place in the semi-finish area of the haircut which is the 1 – 2 finger width area above the ears and shirt collar. To achieve perfection in this area the barbering techniques of clipper over comb and fading is a must. You will also need a high quality adjustable clipper and a finishing comb.

1. Start at the right side burn and use the clipper over comb technique to graduate the hair from shorter to longer.

2. Follow this step around the ear. After using the clipper over comb technique hold the blade at a 45 degree angle and cut around the ear.

3. Repeat step one along the back of the neck. Next, use a scooping motion with clipper lever in the open position right on the neck to graduate the hairline. Repeat this step twice. Once with the lever halfway closed and next with the lever all of the way closed.

4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the opposite side.



Short Clipper Cut – Part 2

This short clipper cut is a modern version of the side part. This hairstyle is generally shorter on the sides with a longer top. It is also a very versatile haircut which can be styled in many different ways. This haircut can also be referred to as a short pompadour as well. The most common ways this haircut is styled:

1. Parted to the side with a wet look and some height in the front

2. Parted to the side with a messy dry finish and some height in the front.

Short Clipper Cut – Part 2

1. Use a detachable blade clipper with a number one blade. This clipper and blade combination will remove a large amount of hair with ease. Also use a large clipper comb to control the hair. Start in the right side burn area and use the clipper over comb technique. Cut to but not into the previous guide from the round of the head section.

2. Cut one panel at a time and work your way around the head. Make sure to move the comb slow so you don’t miss any sections. The slower you move the comb the more blended the haircut will be.

3. Dip the comb down slightly in the back to allow for the crown. This will keep the crown length longer so it does not stand up.

4. Complete the above steps to the left side burn and temple area.

How To Cut Curly Hair

How To Cut Curly HairOne of the more challenging men’s hair textures to cut is curly hair. It is difficult to pick up with your fingers and cut evenly. It is also difficult to pick up with a comb using the scissor over comb techniques. That being said it is necessary to take your time and make sure to cut every hair that you are holding in your fingers or comb. Also, be very careful with your barber shear not to dig the point into your finger too hard to grab the hair. Speaking from experience this can result in cutting your finger. A quick tip to make the shorter clipper cut sides and back easier is to use a skip tooth  detachable clipper blade with the clipper over comb technique.

How To Cut Curly Hair

1. Cut the top section. Create a center guide using the scissor over fingers technique and a traveling guide.

2. Cut 1-2 sections to the right and the left of your center guide using the same technique as in step one.

3. Cut the round of the head section. Start in the back and create a center guide using the scissor over finger technique. Hold your fingers parallel to the head.

4. Using a traveling guide and small sections to insure accuracy, cut the hair to the right temple and then to the left temple.

5. Taper the sides and back with the clipper over comb technique. Use a detachable blade clipper with a skip tooth blade which will grab the curly hair much better than a regular blade.

6. Complete the outline. Edge off the sideburns and clean up the back of the neck. Use an upward stroke on the back of the neck with the trimmer to avoid razor burn and cutting into the hairline.