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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a unique, online training program and educational platform for people interested in learning how to cut men’s hair. Our training applies to those new to barbering, as well as experienced professionals.

Who is behind was founded by Third Generation Master Barber Greg Zorian III. Greg is an international educator, workshop leader and consultant for barber schools, barber supply manufacturers, and professional associations. Greg manages two successful Gregory’s Barbershops in Upstate NY.

How does it work?
When you enroll in our educational program, you select a user name and password. You use this to login to our secure, members only area where all of our premium content resides. As a member, you have 24/7, worldwide access to all of our videos and premium content. You can pause, fast forward, rewind and watch all of our content an unlimited number of times.

What do I need?
You will need access to a computer with high speed internet. works on both Windows and Mac – as well as iPhones and iPads.

Why don’t you sell barbering DVDs?
Greg Zorian will be launching a set of men’s haircutting DVDs in 2013 with select haircuts and content but will remain focused on providing streaming, online content. is an exciting platform because it allows for continual updating – ensuring the most relevant videos, step by step haircuts and content for the barbering industry. It is also the most cost effective way to delivery barbering education to our users; as our library of video content continues to grow our users do not have to pay for shipping or physical goods. Instead, our users are notified of new content immediately and are able to watch it instantly, anywhere in the world.

Are multiple seat licenses available?
Yes. Please contact our sales team for information on including a membership in your student kits, or licenses for your salon or school staff.

Is individual consulting available?
Yes, both onsite and remote consulting is available. Greg Zorian can tailor an onsite program or workshop to meet your needs and also is available for Skype or phone consultations. Contact us for more information.


Logging In
Your login information is sent to you as soon as you register. Keep this information in a safe place. Your user name and password are case sensitive. If you forgot your password, click the “forgot password” link and a new password will be sent to you.

Using The Site
All premium content is available after you log in. If you cannot play videos or are having other issues, please try the following steps:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Try a different web browser. Firefox or Google Chrome are recommended. Internet Explorer is not recommended.
  3. Reset your web browser cache and clear your cookies.
  4. Unplug your cable modem, wait 90 seconds and plug it back in.

Canceling your membership
If you wish to cancel your monthly or annual membership, it is effective immediately. For example, if you cancel your membership halfway through the month, you will not have access for the rest of the month.

Resuming your membership
If you are a previous member and wish to resume your membership, follow the checkout process as before. After you pay with paypal, you will be directed to the registration screen – you must click “existing member” and enter in your previous user name and password. Your membership will now resume.

If you do not find your answer or have another question, feel free to contact us directly!