Classic and Modern Side Part Haircuts DVD

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Product Description

Classic side parts are back in style in a big way. Look no further than movies such as “Gangster Squad” and “The Great Gatsby”. Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling are wearing these hairstyles in their latest films. You are also seeing these styles in the music world as well. Justin Timberlake and Adam Levine are also wearing classic side parts which are barbershop specialties. For a modern twist many customers are adding a fade and cutting the part into the hair cut.

This DVD will teach you all of the variations of classic and modern side parts on different hair types. The techniques of focus for these haircuts are scissor over comb, clipper over comb, fading, working with a traveling guide, and over direction to create different shapes. This video is a must for anyone looking to stay on top of what is going on in the men’s haircutting industry.

The Ivy League Haircut With Part

Ivy League Haircut With Part

The Ivy League haircut is another classic haircut that is versatile and can be styled many different ways. This version of the haircut will have a distinct side part with short sides. Also, this hair is extremely thick so it has to be thinned out or texturized properly so it will lie down on top for the 2 – 3 week life of the haircut. For the difficult hairline we chose to finish this cut with a tapered square back to make the outline stand out.

The Classic Side Part

Classic Side Part Haircut

The men’s classic side part haircut is one of the most common and popular haircuts throughout the history of barbering. This is a conservative hairstyle that can be worn by any age group. It works great with a suit and tie in a professional atmosphere. However, in recent years it has become a trendy haircut that you see a lot in main stream media. Most notably, this hairstyle was worn by Justin Timberlake for his performance at the Grammy Awards Show.

Modern Side Part

Modern Side Part Haircut

The Modern side part is a really interesting take on an old classic and is very versatile. The sides are either short or faded really close. The fade can be even all the way around or disconnected on the part side depending on the customers preference. In other words, the hair can be faded all the way up to the part but blended on the opposite side. Finally, the part is cut into the haircut. This is done with the finishing clipper by cutting a thin line along the natural part. Depending on the length on the top the hair can be styled flat to the head or with some height like a Pompadour.

Children’s Side Part

Children's Side Part Haircut

This hairstyle is the most common yet versatile haircut for young boys. The challenge is their hair is usually fine which is difficult to blend. Their heads are also smaller which also make cutting children’s hair more difficult. This haircut can be styled traditionally by combing the hair to the side or with a modern flair by brushing the hair forward and to the side with some height in the front.

The Short Pompadour

Short Pompadour Haircut

The short Pompadour is a modern version of the side part. This hairstyle is generally shorter on the sides with a longer top. It is also a very versatile haircut which can be styled in many different ways. The most common ways to style this haircut are: parted to the side with a wet look with some height in the front, or to the side with a messier look, dry finish, as well as some height in the front.

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