All American Shaving DVD

All American Shaving DVD

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Product Description

Men have been shaving their faces and heads since the Egyptian times and even earlier. Different types of artifacts used for shaving have been discovered in the great pyramids dating back as early as 7000 B.C. Unique artwork has also been found on their interior walls of the ruling classes with shaved heads and faces. In ancient Greece, artwork has also been found depicting men receiving shaving services at local barbershops. Considering the history behind shaving it is no coincidence that getting a shave at a barbershop today is considered a modern luxury.
In addition to shaving, throughout history facial hair has also been a sign of strength and class. This is especially true today. It has been our experience that men are just as particular about their beards if not more so than their hair.

The Face Shave

How To Face Shave

The shave is the oldest service provided by barbers. The word barber is derived from the Latin word barba meaning beard. Artifacts such as razors and pictures depicting barbershop scenes have been discovered dating back to thousands of years B.C.
Daily or a few times a week men would go to the barbershop to be shaved before the invention of the safety razor. Today a professional shave is a luxury. Any man can shave himself today so the service must be first class. The correct products and skin preparation along with the technical skill are imperative to going above and beyond the clients expectations.

The Head Shave

How To Shave Head

Everyone knows this look. Michael Jordan made it famous in the 90’s. This style is exactly what it sounds like. The head will be shaved as close and smooth as possible. This is a perfect style for someone who has thinning hair or male pattern baldness. It is ideal for the low to no maintenance kind of guy.

Goatee Trim and Shave

Goatee Trim and Shave

The goatee is a classic beard trim that has been around in many variations throughout time. In this video you will learn the basic goatee trim. The basic shape follows the angle of the mustache and is about 1-2 finger width below the jaw line. After the trim a straight razor is necessary to sharpen up the line for the best result.

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