All American Barbering DVD 4

All American Barbering DVD Vol. 4

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Product Description

Today’s barber has to be more versatile than ever in order to have a profitable and fulfilling career. There are many hairstyles that are all popular at that same. It is imperative to be well versed in the different barbering techniques as well as all of the classic men’s hairstyles throughout history. In today’s multi-cultural society it is more important than ever for barbers to be able to cut all types and textures of hair. The main focus of The All American Barber DVD Series is to train barbers and cosmetologists alike on the classic men’s haircutting techniques and styles in order to appeal to a diverse clientele.

The Little League Brush Cut

The Little League Brush Cut

The brush cut is a haircut name that is used often and for many different haircuts. The haircut demonstrated is the true definition of a brush cut. It is cut to the same length all over with the hair left just a little bit longer in the front to stand up with some light wax. A classic haircut that looks good at any age.

The Wall Street

Wall Street Haircut

Turn on CNBC you will notice a large number of men working on Wall St. have their hair cut and styled this way. The Wall St. is a medium to longer layer cut with a clean outline around the ears and a tapered or squared off neckline. This haircut is styled with a heavy product (firm gel or pomade) and brushed straight back or with a slight part. This client pays close attention to detail and no hair should be out of place.

The Physicians Taper

The Physicians Taper Haircut

This haircut is the popular choice for medical students and young physicians alike. It is low maintenance and looks professional at the same time. The doctors love it because their hair always looks good even when they are taking the surgical cap on and off all day. It is more important than ever on this particular haircut to be a smooth as you can with the tools. Straight dark hair like this will show every single clipper or scissor mark if you are not careful.

The Academy Taper

The Academy Taper Haircut

This is another haircut that is a timeless classic. It is a low taper with the hair long enough on top to be styled conservatively. You will see this haircut in young men across the country attending private military academies. This style is also popular among professionals who need a neat look for work. The close tapered outline perfectly blended into a longer top makes this haircut stand out, especially in uniform.

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