All American Barbering DVD 3

All American Barbering DVD Vol. 3

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Product Description

Today’s barber has to be more versatile than ever in order to have a profitable and fulfilling career. There are many hairstyles that are all popular at that same. It is imperative to be well versed in the different barbering techniques as well as all of the classic men’s hairstyles throughout history. In today’s multi-cultural society it is more important than ever for barbers to be able to cut all types and textures of hair. The main focus of The All American Barber DVD Series is to train barbers and cosmetologists alike on the classic men’s haircutting techniques and styles in order to appeal to a diverse clientele.

The Attorney Cut

The Attorney Haircut

This name came from the amount of law students and young attorneys that get their hair cut this way. It is a ½ inch taper with the hair long enough on top to style conservatively. A natural tapered outline is what makes this haircut stand out. This haircut is one of the most common barbershop haircuts. It is a half inch taper with a square cut on top so the hair will not stick up in the corners or the crown. Enough hair needs to be left for a neat part that can be worn with a dry or wet look. This is a classic look for any age group or profession. It should be a haircut that you can provide like it is second nature. The techniques and steps to this haircut will be the foundation of the majority of the haircuts you will provide in your career.

The Executive Taper

The Executive Taper Haircut

This haircut is one of the most difficult and popular haircuts you will come across. The hairstyle requires the ability to blend from a skin length to a professional length on the top without a weight line. The taper must be kept low so there is enough weight left in the corners for the hair to be combed into place. The client that generally gets this haircut is a young professional that is extremely meticulous. If one hair is out of place they will notice it. When you master this haircut you will have a customer for life.

The Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk Haircut

The faux hawk is a more modern hairstyle that is a combination between a Mohawk and a regular or conservative haircut. It differs from a Mohawk in that the longer center stops at the crown instead of continuing on down through the center of the back. It differs from a regular or more conservative haircut because it is a contoured shaped haircut with the hair heavier in the center to be styled in that direction. This is the perfect haircut for the client whose hair grows straight forward and toward the center. It is also good for the busy individual who doesn’t have a lot time in the morning to mess around with their hair.

The Teen Idol (Children’s Version)

Teen Idol Haircut (Children's Version)

Walk around any high school and half the boys will have this haircut. The latest movie musicals and teen music performers have made this haircut a huge hit. It has been around for a few years now and we will probably see it for a couple more years. This is one of the most particular clients considering they want to look like they don’t care about their hair. Just get out of the shower flip it to the side and go. To achieve this look there needs to be a lot of texture in the haircut so the style will last all day without much product or styling. Most of the time this version is a compromise with parents who don’t want their child’s hair too long.

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