All American Barbering DVD

All American Barbering DVD Vol. 1

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Product Description

Today’s barber has to be more versatile than ever in order to have a profitable and fulfilling career. There are many hairstyles that are all popular at that same. It is imperative to be well versed in the different barbering techniques as well as all of the classic men’s hairstyles throughout history. In today’s multi-cultural society it is more important than ever for barbers to be able to cut all types and textures of hair. The main focus of The All American Barber DVD Series is to train barbers and cosmetologists alike on the classic men’s haircutting techniques and styles in order to appeal to a diverse clientele.

The South Beach Taper

South Beach Haircut

If you have ever spent any time vacationing in South Florida, especially the Miami Beach area, you will recognize this haircut. It is a classic haircut with a neatly trimmed, thin beard that looks like it was drawn on the face with a marker.  A neatly tapered neckline and temple area with a sharp line-up on the forehead and side burn area make this haircut really stand out.

The Major League Fade

Major League Haircut

The major league fade is named after the number of pro baseball players that have their haircut this way. The hair is faded from a skin or bald length to hair on top with just a little length in the front to stand up or brush to the side. This is an extremely difficult haircut to do because of the extreme difference in length. Also, adding to the degree of difficulty fading the extremely dark hair on light colored skin.

The New York City Fade

The New York City Fade

This is another classic barber haircut. If you look at photographs of men throughout the modern history of New York City this is one of the most common and popular haircuts you will see. This haircut is a high fade with a light shadow on the sides blended into a darker top that shows some of the natural wave or curl. This is a great haircut for any age and all walks of life.

The North End Taper

The North End Taper

This haircut is named after a hairstyle that is extremely common in the North End of Boston. It is a predominantly Italian section of the city famous for its restaurants and bakeries. This hairstyle is perfect for the client with thick, dark, wavy hair that likes a neatly tapered look with some hair to comb or brush. What really makes this style stand out is the longer textured hair tapering down to a neatly finished outline.

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