How to Cut Mens Hair – Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to learn how to cut men’s hair is by cutting men’s hair. This may sound over simplified but it really is that simple. The more men’s haircuts you do the better at men’s haircutting you will become.

Now that we have that out of the way here are some ideas to get more  hair cutting practice and to increase the quality of your practice:

  1. Schooling: Make sure you are learning the proper way. Go to a reputable school with qualified teachers or work for an organization with a high quality training program.
  2. Learn From Others: When Learning from fellow students make sure they are giving the quality of men’s haircuts you would like to provide. Don’t just watch them because they tell you they know what they are doing. The same holds true if you are an industry professional working in a salon or barbershop. Make sure the co-workers you choose to learn from are providing excellent men’s haircuts.
  3. Practice On The Clinic Floor: When you are in school working on the clinic floor grab the men’s haircuts you are not comfortable with. The only way to get good at these haircuts is by practicing them. You cannot improve if you keeping giving the same haircut you have already mastered. If you are working in a salon or barbershop push yourself within reason. Make sure to get some challenging haircuts so you are growing everyday.
  4. Free Haircuts: Offer friends and their friends’ free haircuts. Keep cutting until you are comfortable with these haircuts. Giving a free haircut takes the pressure off and can lead to valuable paying customers in the future.
  5. Get A Mentor: Learn from the best. Find a barber in your area or someone online who is giving the quality of haircuts that you would like to duplicate. Learn their techniques. Practice, practice, practice their techniques.

I can still hear my high school football coach screaming “You play like you practice.” This is so true. The quality of your men’s haircut practice time will determine your level of success in your barbering or men’s haircutting career.