How To Cut Men’s Hair – Clipper Over Comb

When learning how to cut men’s hair, clipper over comb is one of the most basic and fundamental techniques necessary for consistently blended men’s haircuts. The clipper over comb technique is excellent for removing large amounts of thick hair. You will also be able to achieve a different finish on the hair depending on what size blade and/or clipper you use. It is also easier on your hands on days when you will be doing 15 or more haircuts. The length of hair and area of the head you are working on will determine which clipper and comb to use.

How To Cut Men’s Hair – Clipper Over Comb Guide:

  1. A large clipper comb or flat top comb should be used for the top and the sides and back sections. It is excellent for controlling large amounts of thick hair. It moves through the hair with ease because the teeth are wide and these clipper combs are thicker and heavier than most others. This comb should  be used in combination with a large detachable blade clipper. The most powerful of clippers is needed for removing large amounts of thick hair.
  2. A smaller clipper comb can also be used for  in the top area when blending in a short haircut where the crown is cut off such as a princeton or a flat top. This comb is excellent for blending because the teeth are closer together and it is thinner which allows for picking up the hair closer to the scalp. This comb can be used with the detachable blade clipper for blending fades to the top section and for fine hair worn in a short to medium length. It can also be used with the adjustable clipper in the semi-finish area.
  3. A finishing comb shoud only be used for the semi-finish and  finish areas of a man’s haircut. This comb is excellent for the finishing steps because the comb itself is flat without any grooves which allows for the clipper to move across very smoothly. It is also flexible unlike the larger combs which allows for it to bend easier around the ears. This comb can be used with the adjustable clipper for the semi-finish area.
  4. A trimmer should never be used with the clipper over comb techniques. It is not powerful enough and will shorten the life of your clipper. Also, the blade has a very close cut which will result in clipper marks. The object of clipper cutting is to leave a soft blended finish on a man’s haircut.

For multiple video demonstrations on clipper over comb haircuts visit and select any of the men’s haiructting videos.

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