How To Cut Hair With Clippers

One of the most common things beginning barbers as well as cosmetologists wanting to specialize in men’s hair cutting want to know is how to cut hair with clippers. The common misconception is that men’s hair cutting is referred to as clipper cutting or  a clipper cut. Nothing can be further from the truth. The clipper is one of many tools used to cut men’s hair not the only one. With that being said the clipper is a very valuable tool.

How To Cut Hair With Clippers

The most common techniques for cutting men’s hair with clippers are clipper over comb and blade on skin also referred to as freehand clipper cutting.

Clipper Over Comb: The comb is used to pick up the hair and the clipper cuts the hair over the comb just like scissor over comb.

Blade on Skin: This is when the clipper blade is placed directly on the scalp using a hair fading motion. This barbering technique is also used for creating the outline with a trimmer by placing it directly on the neck, forehead, and temple area to create the outline of the haircut.

It will be necessary to familiarize yourself and practice both of these valuable techniques when you are learning how to cut hair with clippers in the beginning of your career.