How To Cut Brush Cuts – Crew Cuts – Buzz Cuts – Short Clipper Cuts

The brush cut is a haircut name that is used often and for many different haircuts different haircuts. Some of them include crew cuts, buzz cuts, flat tops, and short clipper cuts. The haircut this blog will focus on is the brush cut. It is cut to the same length all over with the hair left just a little bit longer in the front to stand up with some light wax. This is a classic haircut that looks good at any age.

Step by step guide for a traditional brush cut:

1.      Start on the top section. Use the 3 ½ (3/8”) blade on the detachable blade clipper and start in the center about 3 fingers width from the hairline. Clipper all of the hair from that point on the top to below the crown and to the temple area.

2.      Use the 2 (¼”)blade on the detachable blade clipper and start at the side burn area. Clipper the hair in an upward motion blending into the round of the head area where you left off with the 3/8 inch blade.

3.      Start the semi-finish. Use the adjustable clipper in the open position. Use a scooping motion and taper the hair around the outline of the haircut at a 45 degree outline. Repeat with the blade halfway opened and then again in the closed position.

4.      Use the trimmer and complete the finish. Edge off the sideburn area followed by the outline around the ears.

5.      Clean up the back of the neck by shaving in an upward motion.

6.      Blend the front portion of the haircut to the top. Use the 1 ½ (1/8”) inch blade on the detachable blade clipper.  Using the clipper comb take a center section first. Cut that section with the clipper over comb technique. The 1 ½ blade cuts and blends at the same time which is extremely helpful for fine light colored hair.

7.      Repeat step 6 on the right hand side and then the left hand side. You may need to take 2-3 sections on each side to reach the temple or round of the head area.

8.      You made need to fine tune the front after you style the hair with a light wax.

The complete instructional video is available with a premium membership at:

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