Hair Design Basics

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[adrotate banner=”3″]There are all different types of possibilities when it comes to hair designs. Your imagination is the only limitation. In order to come up with new and innovative hair designs the basics are a must. When you learn how to create basic lines, zig-zags, curved lines, and the two different ways to create letters anything is possible.

[highlight]LEARNING OBJECTIVES[/highlight]

  1. Demonstrate shaving a straight line into the haircut with a trimmer
  2. Demonstrate connecting two straight lines into a zig-zag line
  3. Demonstrate shaving a curved line into the haircut
  4. Demonstrate shaving the outline of a letter where the hair left takes the form of the letter
  5. Demonstrate shaving a letter into the haircut where the hair around the shaved area creates the letter
  6. Demonstrate putting all of the above together into the form of a logo design

[highlight]Step by Step Guide[/highlight]

  1. Cut the area where you are going to create the design to ¼”.
  2. Make a straight line by holding the clipper parallel to the floor and make a line. Make sure to touch the blade to the head and then pull straight out. Do not wiggle the blade up and down. This will create a line that is too wide.
  3. If creating multiple lines make sure they are parallel. Press the blade to the head and pull straight out. Use the two lines created to form a zig-zag. This is where your creativity comes in. The zig-zag can be made any length and in any direction you choose.
  4. Create the letter “A” by shaving into the hair. Make two diagonal lines by pressing the blade into the skin and pulling straight out as explained in step 2 and 3. After completing the two diagonal lines connect them in the middle by shaving a line parallel to the floor which will complete the letter.
  5. Use the block letter technique in which the hair that is not cut will create the letter “A”. Shave 4 lines in the shape of a square the size you would like the letter. Shave out of the block the unwanted hair to create the letter.
  6. Start creating the logo by determining how many letters you will have. In this case there will be four. Find the center of the head and create 2 blocks on either side to shave the letters into.
  7. Remove the necessary hair out of the blocks to create the letters.
  8. Create two parallel lines that gradually get wider towards the bottom.
  9. Connect the lines with a curved line to complete the logo.
  10. Shave the area all around the logo down with the trimmer. Make sure to stay below the round of the head to leave yourself enough room to fade the bald sides into the top.
  11. Blend the sides into the top by starting with the 1 ½ (1/8”) blade. This is one blade shorter than the ¼” length of the top.
  12. Use the 1A (1/16”) next. As the head rounds float the blade away from the head in an imaginary line parallel to the side of the head. This will avoid leaving a line.
  13. Repeat step 12 with the adjustable clipper in the open position.
  14. Repeat step 13 with the adjustable clipper in the halfway open position.
  15. Repeat step 14 with the adjustable clipper in the closed position.
  16. Repeat step 15 with the adjustable clipper in the closed position. This time place your opposite hand on top of the head and stretch the area you will be cutting with your thumb. This will stand the hair straight out from the side of the head allowing for a closer cut. This should smooth out the fade.
  17. If there is still a faint line repeat step 16 with the trimmer. Be very careful to just touch the line with the trimmer. If you go too high it will ruin the fade.

[highlight]REVIEW QUESTIONS[/highlight]

  1. What length should the hair be cut to before creating the design?
  2. When making a line should the blade be wiggled up and down or should the blade just touch the scalp and be pulled straight out?
  3. Describe the two different types of letter designs.
  4. When creating a block letter what should be done first?
  5. When creating a logo with 4 letters how many letters should be on each side of the center of the head?
  6. How many block should be created before creating the letters?
  7. What is the next step after the logo is complete?
  8. When fading the bald sides into the top should you start with the longest or the shortest blade?

[highlight]AUTHOR’S COMMENTARY[/highlight]
Creating designs is one of the most difficult things to do. Some barbers it just comes natural to and others like myself have to really practice and work at it. This is a great lesson plan to follow as it covers all of the basics. Once you understand spacing and get a feel for the dexterity it takes to create the lines and letters it becomes easier. Then you can be as creative as you want and the sky is the limit.