Guidelines For Well Groomed Male Barbers

Guidelines For Well Groomed Male Barbers:

Your hair should always be clean and cut on a regular basis. This does not mean you have to keep your hair short or have a clipper cut. Just make sure you wear an up to date style so it shows you are in tune with what is going on in the hair industry. Always have your hair styled at work. You always want to look your best and like you take pride in your hair. Remember what you are selling – haircuts.

The rules for facial hair are very similar to hair. Keep your beard cleaned, trimmed, and combed at all times. Always have a sharp outline or edge to your beard with a clean shave. This will make your beard stand out and look attractive. It will also show your customer you know your stuff when it comes to beard maintenance. Men are very protective of their beards and very reluctant to have someone else do the trimming. You will have a much better chance of up-selling more services if your facial hair and beard is well groomed.

Your clothes should be clean, freshly ironed, and stain free. Even if you have a uniform or mandatory dress code you still have some control over how you look. Make sure you clothes fit properly. Not too tight or too baggy. Invest in better quality clothing. Customers will notice you are taking pride in your appearance. If you have the freedom to wear whatever you want I caution you to be careful. You are in the barber profession and you should make sure you look like a professional. If you try to make too much of a personal statement you will not appeal to the masses. I recommend a collared dress shirt, dress pants, and dress shoes. You can vary your wardrobe with different colors and patterns to show some individuality but you will always look professional. The more professional you appear, the more confidence your customers will have in your ability. You will also be able to charge more than if you wear jeans and sneakers and look like you are going to the mall or to the gym.

Your shoes should be comfortable for standing in all day. Dress shoes with thicker rubber bottoms are best for standing in. Make sure you shoes are always shined and do not have scuff marks or stains on them. Do not wear shoes with the soles falling apart either. If your shoes do not match your clothing it is just like wearing nice clothes with a bad haircut. Everything needs to work together. Work boots and sneakers do not portray an image of professionalism. Dress shoes are best. If you have to wear sneakers try to find a pair that are all black and do not look like sneakers. For added comfort consider investing in gel or cushioned inserts and a high quality floor mat.

Stay tuned for more professionalism tips for female barbers…..