Dancing With The Stars Haircut

My wife is a huge dancing with the stars fan. As I was watching the show with her the other night she was judging the dancing and I was judging the haircuts. I saw one of the professional dancers with a great haircut that I had to write about. This is a low fade or tapered haircut that I have been teaching for years and would like to share a quick lesson plan for.

Step by Step Guide For The Low Taper/Fade:

  1. Start on the top area and using the scissor over comb or scissor over fingers technique. Pull the bangs up at a 90 degree angle and work your way back to the crown. Move the comb slowly so you can always see your previous guide in the comb.
  2. Take 1-2 sections to the right and left of the center guide. Keep using the scissor over comb technique and be sure to keep the comb parallel to floor to insure a square shape (leaving weight in the corners).
  3. Cut the round of the head section. For this step you can either start in the back or either side depending on if you are right or left handed. Use a scissor and comb technique holding the comb parallel to the sides and back area of the head and blend to the top area guide.
  4.  For the sides and back section use the 3 ½ (3/8”) blade on the detachable blade clipper and the blade on skin technique. You will start to bevel the blade out slightly just below the temple area.
  5. Repeat step 4 with the 2 (1/4”) blade and then the 1 ½ (1/8”) blade. Make sure each time you drop down a blade size you start beveling the clipper about 1/2 inch below your previous guide (where you left off with your previous blade).
  6. Use the clipper over comb technique with the detachable blade clipper and the 1 ½ blade to finish the blend into the round of the head section.
  7. Cut the semi-finish area. Use the adjustable clipper with a 1/16” attachment. Set the lever to an open position to allow for a longer length. Next close the clipper blade for the next shortest length and repeat.
  8. Use the adjustable clipper without an attachment and repeat the previous step with the clipper blade open and cut with a scooping motion. Repeat this motion with the clipper halfway open and then closed.
  9. Move on to the finish with the trimmer using the blade on skin technique. Stretch the skin around the finish area using a scooping motion to complete the fade.

The complete “how to” video for this hairstyle is available here: http://www.howtocuthair.tv/the-executive-taper/