Clipper Cutting Guide

Clipper cutting is the foundation for classic short men’s haircuts. A complerte clipper cutting system should take advantage of three types of clippers. In this clipper cutting guide you will learn about the different types of clippers, what each one is used for, and the importance of clipper maintenance.

Clipper Cutting Guide

  1. There are three different clippers necessary for men’s haircutting. The first clipper is a detachable blade clipper. It is used for removing larger amounts of thick or wet hair. It is the most powerful clipper and the metal blades move through the hair with ease.
  2. The detachable blade clipper can be used for the blade on skin and clipper over comb techniques.
  3. There are numerous blades for this clipper and they have many uses. They range from ½” in length all the way down to the same size blade that is on a trimmer.
  4. The adjustable clipper. It is has this name because the lever on the side adjusts the length of the blade. The hair is cut shorter and finer with the lever closed and longer and softer in the open position. You can use plastic attachments on this clipper to get longer lengths.
  5. This clipper is excellent for clipper over comb and blade on skin techniques in the semi-finish area of the haircut.
  6. The adjustable clipper uses plastic attachments. The most common lenghts are the ½”, 3/8”, ¼”, 1/8”, and 1/16”. You are much better off referring to the attachments by their lengths rather than numbers. It sounds more professional and different brands have different numbering systems.
  7. The trimmer: This clipper is used for the outline only. The only technique that should be used with this clipper is the blade on skin technique. The teeth are too close together which cause severe clipper marks when used for clipper over comb.
  8. Lastly, you need to make sure your clippers are cleaned, disinfected, and lubricated after every use. By taking care of your blades properly you will increase your efficiency by your blades always cutting properly.

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So you want to become a master barber or cut hair like one. What next? First of all you need and excellent barber education. Next, you need to learn about the best barber tools and how to use them correctly.

There are three different types of clippers you will need to be efficient in barbering/men’s haircutting:

  1. The detachable blade clipper – This clipper has a strong motor with metal blades that are removable. The advantage of these clippers is they are very powerful and will move through thick wet hair with ease.
    They are excellent for fades and tapers. As you use an arcing motion away from the head the blades will still cut avoiding sharp lines of demarcation. In my opinion the best detachable blade clippers are the Oster Classic 76, Oster Titan, Andis BGRC, and Andis MVP.
  2. The adjustable clipper – An adjustable clipper has a lever on the side that adjusts the blade size. This type of clipper is ideal for tapered hairlines and skin length fades because you are not constantly changing blades. They are also great for clipper over comb or cutting with an attachment on light to medium density hair. In my opinion the best adjustable clippers are the Andis Master, Andis Envy, Oster Fast Feed, Oster Topaz, Wahl Designer, and Wahl Senior.
  3. The trimmer – This is the clipper you will use for outlining, edging, and shaving the neck and sideburn area. It has a 00000 blade which is the closest cut before using a straight razor. They come with a narrow blade (size of the clipper casing) or a t-blade (wider than the clipper casing). In my opinion the best trimmers are the Oster T-Finisher, Andis T-Outliner, and Andis Super Liner.

After providing 100,000 haircuts personally in my career I can tell you for certain that becoming proficient with using all 3 types of clippers is a must. Each one has its purpose and by using all 3 you will increase the quality and efficiency of your men’s haircutting.