Barber Tool Tips – The Andis MVP

In this ongoing series of blogs we will be reviewing and educating the consumer on all different types of  barber tools based on our three generations of experience and hundreds of thousands of haircuts provided.  We will be covering what we feel are the best tools and why, what they are best suited for, and how to take care of them properly.

Barber Tool Tips – The Andis MVP
The Andis MVP Clipper

In our personal opinion when it comes to rotary motor clippers the Andis MVP is the leader in the market hands down. Before we explain why we would like to give you a quick review on what a rotary motor driven clipper actually means. Rotary motors have the most power and can cut through we or dry hair. They produce and equal amount of power and blade speed providing for a smooth cut.

What we like best about the MVP:  Of all of the detachable blade rotary motor driven clippers the MVP is the lightest and most quiet without sacrificing power. This allows for a smooth transition for hairstyles with short sides and longer tops. The clipper keeps cutting as you slowly arc the blade away from the head which will leave less if any line of demarcation to be further blended out.

How To Maintain Your MVP:  There is not a lot of maintenance required. We suggest using clipper spray and oil in between each haircut to extend the life of your blades and put less strain on the motor. If you have any issues you can send your clipper to an Andis authorized service station for repairs. As with any tool we always suggest having a backup in case anything should happen during the work day so you do not lose time and money.