Barber Success Tips – Part 3

Tapered Hairline

A successful career in barbering or any profession for that matter is dependent on many factors. Many books have been written on this subject. When it comes to barbering or men’s haircutting I feel that there are 10 things you must know to have a successful career. In this 10 part blog series I will go into each one in detail.


Barber Success Tips – Part 3

The Art Of The Tapered Hairline

In the barbering world the word taper is used often. A tapered haircut simply means shorter hair around the outline gradually getting longer. A tapered outline is the best way to finish off a man’s haircut. It adds another level professionalism to the haircut instead of making a line on the back of the neck. Picture a 1 finger width area around the outline of the haircut. Instead of blocking or rounding it off this area should have a 45 degree bevel which leaves a natural finish that TAPERS down to the skin without a line of demarcation.

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