7 Steps To A Great Men’s Haircut Experience – Step 1

When it comes to men’s hair cutting I have found over the years there are 7 essential steps to delivering a great haircut. My personal feeling with men’s hair cutting is the term haircut experience is over used. As a barber shop owner for two decades with 450,000 customers served per year I have  come up with 7 basic steps to ensure customer satisfaction. Before I get into step 1 of this blog series there a 3 things that are a must no matter what for customer satisfaction:

1. Convenience handshake

2. Affordable Price

3. A Great Haircut

It is that simple. Guys do not need a whole lot of fluff. We want to get in and out with a great haircut, go to a nice place, and be treated well.

7 Steps To A Great Men’s Haircut Experience – Step 1

The Personal Greeting

I include this as part of the haircut because any communication with your customer is just as important as the haircut itself.  When it is the next customers turn for their haircut greet them by name. Everyone likes the sound of their name. Do not call people by any other names such as dude, pal, chief, boss, buddy, etc. It is very unprofessional, impersonal, and inappropriate. Even if they are a friend of yours the other people in the waiting room do not know that. You can never go wrong with a professional greeting such as Mr., Sir, Dr., etc.

Always include a handshake with your greeting. Walk over to where your customer is seated or meet them halfway as they are walking to your barber chair. Introduce yourself or say hello if they are a “regular” with a firm handshake, smile, and eye contact. The eye contact lets them know that you care and are interested in them. They are not just another head through the door. Always be genuine. Every time you say something, back it up with positive body language and facial expressions.

Stay tuned for Step 2…..