7 Steps To A Great Men’s Haircut – Step 5 – Barbershop Customer Communication Skills

Communicating with your customer is an extremely important part of the haircut experience that cannot be neglected. Just as much care and attention needs to go into this part of the haircut as the technical part. You have to build a friendly but professional relationship with your customer. Always remember, people do business with people they like and feel a connection with. You can only go so far on talent alone. When you add an outgoing and caring personality into the mix you will be unstoppable. Listen

7 Steps To A Great Men’s Haircut – Step 5 – Barbershop Customer Communication Skills:

Communicating with your customer falls into two categories: verbal and non-verbal. Verbal is what you say and how you say it. Non-verbal is a little trickier and requires a lot of attention and practice. This includes all of your mannerisms including your posture, eye contact, facial expressions, etc. It is very important that you are aware of all of this not only when you are carrying on a conversation but during the quiet times while you are cutting hair, cleaning your tools, sweeping, etc. You are being judged constantly. Try to keep a smile on your face during all of your tasks to portray a friendly demeanor and also that you enjoy your work.

Communicating with your customer and building a relationship is an art form not an exact science. It is not something that can be forced or rushed. Trust and relationships are built over time. The following guidelines are what has worked for me personally and my barbershops over the last two decades. Find out what your customer is interested in. Make their interests the focal point of all conversations. Ask about their family, sports interests, favorite activities, vacation spots, or the weather. You do not need to go through everything in one haircut or one conversation. I suggest having 2 or 3 standard questions you ask everyone to make it easier. This way it will become a habit and feel natural for you and your customer. What will really make a huge difference is to remember at least one of the answers and mention it during their next service. Your customer will be amazed you remembered and will know that you are paying attention to him and truly care about what you are doing.