1920’s Men’s Hairstyles Featured In “Gangster Squad” And “The Great Gatsby”

1920's Men's Hairstyles1920’s Men’s Hairstyles Featured in  “Gangster Squad” And “The Great Gatsby” are some of today’s most popular men’s haircuts. The Roaring 20’s was a rebellious time that numerous TV shows and movies have recently glorified. All of the men were always dressed to perfection. Top hats and three piece suits were a must. This hairstyle is a longer layered haircut. You will need to have an understanding of graduation, over direction, and square shape layering. You will also need to understand the concept of a visual blend vs. a technical blend. Most recently actors such as Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling have worn this hairstyle in the movie “Gangster Squad” as well as actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby McGuire in “The Great Gatsby

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