12,000 Euros In Earnings At The Daily Race On Unibet!

From 1 st to October 20, the poker site Unibet is launching a promotional campaign: the Daily Race . This formula takes place every month and provides fairly substantial gains to participants. This time around, 12,000 euros in total are put into play through various rankings which will be updated daily.

How it works ?

The Unibet poker platform returns with the Daily Race, a promotion allowing users to win a hell of a lot of money in tournaments. Each month, the best ranked players in the list will have the opportunity to pocket a few hundred euros in winnings including amounts usually won during the various competitions in the running. This month of October therefore begins under the hats of wheel with the Daily Race which already started this Tuesday until October 20. In total, 12,000 euros in earnings are to be distributed and 560 euros are to be collected each day. The gains will be more substantial on Sunday reaching 990 euros. Those who want to try their luck, the principle remains simple. All you have to do is participate in and qualify for the poker tournaments accessible on the site via a weekly ranking.

The formula unfolds as follows:

  • The Low ranking  : HexaPro 1, 2 and 5 euros tournaments where the player collects the number of points adapted to the buy-in.
  • The Middle ranking  : the HexaPro 10 and 25 euros tournaments with the possibility of accumulating 10 or 25 points per tournament.
  • The High Ranking  : tournaments aimed mainly at High Roller players who have the guts to bet any amount. Bets range between 50 and 100 euros.

In this promotional offer, some tournaments include a multiplier that can double the points obtained. The rankings stop at the end of each day, the moment for Unibet to give the winnings to the first three players. Its value is based on the type of layout and setting. For example, the Low ranking allows you to grant yourself earnings between 5 and 20 euros during the week and between 15 and 30 euros on Sundays. On the Middle ranking side, the option provides rewards between 25 and 100 euros on weekdays and 50 and 150 euros on Sundays. The High category offers users fairly substantial gains, up to 200 euros on weekdays and 300 euros on Sundays. In terms of conditions of use, a player will have access to all the options by generating earnings in several rankings according to his preferences.